Traveling the World

How barefoot waterskiing has changed my life

Since I was little, my dad has taken me out waterskiing with him and his buddies. After a few years, in the process of growing into the person I am today, I decided I wanted to try water skiing myself. The first time I let my feet glide on the water I was hooked. Barefoot water skiing was new to me and I loved it. I developed more motivation to challenge myself to get better.

I started to participate in Barefoot Waterskiing competitions. At my first Competition, I climbed into the water and got really nervous. As I signaled the boat to go, I stood up! I was beyond happy, riding gracefully in the wake as I was passing the cheering audience. I felt on top of the world, nobody could take this moment and feeling from me. Since this tournament, I haven’t stopped competing, and I have traveled to many more places.

The sport of barefooting has allowed me the fortunate opportunity to see and experience many different places and people. I would have never gone to the places I went or developed relationships with the wonderful people I have met if it weren't for getting involved in barefooting. I have been to competitions, clinics, and just to visit friends all around the US and overseas. It has made me more aware of my surroundings and humbles me when I understand how much more there is outside of my life at home. The more places I go and discover, the more hungry I get to go see and learn more about the world that surrounds me.

It takes hard work and dedication. Some days you feel like you’re the best you can be, and there are some days that feel like you’re stuck in a hole that you cannot dig yourself out of, and there is no possible way you can get better. Like many similar situations in life, you have to walk the valleys to climb the mountains. My journey through waterskiing has taught me that even when you think your at rock bottom, there is always a way to get yourself back to the top, no matter how useless you feel. Understanding that the best moments in life don't come easy and have really brought me back down to earth.

By Alex Youngblood