Jackon Gerard

How I started my barefoot waterskiing career

When I was 10 years old my dad taught me how to waterski, kneeboard and wakeboard. He had taught me everything he knew how to do on the water except how to barefoot waterski. I wasn’t really interested in learning how to barefoot until the day I saw my dad do it. After seeing my dad do it, I wanted to give barefooting a go for myself but my mom was worried about me and did not want me to try it.

A week later my mom went away for a girls trip so my dad and I realized this would be the perfect time for me to give barefoot waterskiing a go. My dad put me on a kneeboard and told me to sit on it with my feet out in front of me and when I gave him the thumbs up he would go fast enough for me to stand on top of the water. The first try as soon as my feet touched the water, I fell. I got back up and tried a second time. This time I road it out for about 5 seconds before falling. I was now determined to get it! I got back on the kneeboard and tried for a third time, I was on my feet and skiing! I barefooted all the way around the lake, it was the coolest feeling ever.

When my mom got home from her trip I told her what I did and she was both freaking out and surprised. The next lake day we had my mom ride in the boat and she took a video of me barefooting and posted it on Facebook. A professional wakeboarder sent my mom a message that there is a barefoot waterski school in Winter Haven called the World Barefoot Center. Next thing I know my mom and I took a trip to have a look around at the WBC Ski School.

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By Jackson Gerard