Wade Masters: A Footer Looks at Forty “Plus”

It’s remarkable to look back over the last twenty years of my life and see what an impact barefooting has had on me. It has made me a better person, not only to others, but to myself. It has given me the desire and discipline to eat right and exercise. It has been with me through good times and bad times. It has even at points in my life been the only thing I was any good at. Through out the ups and downs of life, bare footing has been a constant. It has been somewhat of a definition of who I am.

Even though I have had other successes in my life, I have found myself meeting  someone new and when the asked what I do, I would answer “ I’m a barefooter”.  I know that is not what they were asking, nor was it the answer they were expecting.  Most people have no idea what I am even talking about or they say, “You snow ski– barefooted?” to which I reply, “Yeah, it’s a Tennessee thing.”

Some people identify with large groups of like-minded people, and one group that comes to mind is the football fans. They brave some harsh weather sometimes and have good and bad days at the field, all the while enjoying the sport they are so passionate about. But for me it has always been barefooting that has made me feel the best about who I am and the choices I have made. Also it’s a pretty small group overall. Being a barefoot skier says quite a bit about a person and what they are made of. We come from all areas of the world and all walks of life which makes tournaments interesting. You could wind up skiing against someone who’s first language is not the same as yours. There are cultural differences that are overlooked because of the common denominator of barefooting.

In conclusion, I would like to encourage everyone reading this to find something that you are passionate about, that makes you feel good and just go do it. Your life will be enhanced by it.

By: Wade Masters (whose birthday is today!)

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  1. World Barefoot Center says:

    As a 40+ skier, you inspire me, Wade!


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