Lauren St. Onge: Tournament Time!

>Are you ready to enter a barefoot tournament? If you can do a deepwater start and stand up for a second, the answer is YES!!! There is no need to know how to do fancy tricks, surface turns, or backwards barefoot. Typically tournaments are fairly low key and are a test against ones self to do better than the last time. Beat that “PB” Personal Best!

The atmosphere at tournament is a fabulous experience. Not only do you meet and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow footers, you can learn from them too. Watch trick runs, discuss slalom techniques, and quiz each other on rules. Everyone is cheering for on another and is always ecstatic to have a new skier! When I say everyone I don’t only mean the people on shore, also the judges in the boat, drivers and videographers. We all want everyone to fall in love with the sport we all enjoy. It is time to forget those fancy tricks for the time being and get involved.

No one starts out as a professional. I encourage you to take a chance and go for it. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t like it and never do it again, no big deal. At least you tried. Right?

By: Lauren St. Onge

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  1. Ken Reynolds says:

    Lauren- I first met Keith at The figure 8 Tourney in Crandon, WI… I knew he would be a great instructor for me. Even though I was wearing a Scarpa suit, Keith walked right over and introduced himself. .It took me 2 years to get to the WBC, and I can’t tell you how inspiring it was to be there.. I will definitely be back and I am all ready looking at my next dates. There are so many professional athletes that are so “above” all of us..BUT not the case at all with the WBC.. To learn and be so welcome there is awesome to say the least. I feel I have made so many new friends.. There is nothing better in life than being surrounded by people who really care about you.. Thanks again … Ken

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