The Barefoot Quilt

Those who attended the 2011 Barefoot Nationals at the Barefoot Ski Ranch were greeted by a beautiful quilt hung up in the pavilion–a quilt made by Vicki Klein.  The quilt was raffled off and Andrea Eggert was the lucky winner.  Vicki also made a second quilt for the silent auction.  “Several skiers fell into several different categories, but most people got picked to be on the quilt because they are top skiers,” said Vicki.  “Others are on there because they are the oldest and youngest competitors (Boyette, Meyers, Meskers,Youngblood). Two have been to every nationals (Boyette, Knapp).  Some were picked for their service to our sport (Cummings, Koch, Heeney, Swampy), and (Parsons) for hosting us.  For some, I just liked their pictures– and maybe I was looking for a certain pose.  Some skiers were just easier to find pictures than others!”

Vicki is now working on a quilt for the 2012 Worlds and is looking for skier pictures.  If you plan to attend the Worlds, send a clear, close up photo to Vicki at: with “World’s Quilt” in the subject line.  Include your name, state/province/country and an interesting tidbit about you.  And thank you, Vicki, for the hours of work you put into the quilts and giving back to the sport!

Skiers in order left to right: David Small & Charlie, Brody Meskers, Jerry Kanawyer, A.J. Porreca, Adin Daneker, Elaine Heller, Joe Knapp, Keith St. Onge, Taylor True, Derek Koch, Royal Wiseman, Judy Meyers, Ariana Koehler, William Farrell, Laura Szwed, Landen Ehlers, Alexandria Youngblood, Jim Rollins, Jackie Kumlien, Dan Cummings, Kailey Koehler, Swampy, Wilson Schkade, Karen Putz, Brian Heeney, Doug Jordan, Stuart Parsons, Jim Boyette.

Written by: Karen Putz

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