Thank You-Barefoot Ski Ranch!

Stuart and Jennifer Parsons hosted the 2011 Barefoot Nationals on there private lake at the Barefoot Ski Ranch located in Waco, Texas.  This beautiful ski site is perfect for barefoot tournaments.  Multiple lakes, huge docks, great viewing from above and indoor ac, and lots of golf carts and razors to zip around in.   Thank you Stuart and Jennifer! 

We thank you for everyone who was involved in making this a fantastic tournament.  Your hard work is appreciated, we couldn’t have done it without you! 

Thank you for all your hard work!

Judges Dale and Brian

Phil and Swampy- The VOICES of Nationals

Saftey-Paul Adams

Live Video Feed done by KSO and Lynn Johnson


We can’t forget those that come to support and cheer for us!  You mean the world to us!

A shout out to Brenden Paige's Parents via the Live Feed.

Barefooting Family

Skiers and Supporters

Fans lined up the shoreline!

We are looking foward to seeing everyone next year at Barefoot Nationals 2012 and Worlds 2012 at the Barefoot Ski Ranch in Waco, TX. Yeeeehawwww!

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One Response to “Thank You-Barefoot Ski Ranch!”

  1. john price says:


    Looks like it was a great event ,the live feed was great ,I watched most of the night jump,couldn`t make time to watch to much else. Great sking from your self and your international crew,are you getting any back lash from the US re your effort with your international crew.
    Was there many spectators there Keith ,will the worlds draw a big crowd at this site,I skied with Stuart when he lived on the river at Waco
    Good to see you and Dave going so well look forward to catching up in 2012

    John Price

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