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Will Leigh – Moving Lakeside

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Recently my family and I were fortunate enough to be able to move from my parent’s farm in the country side, into the house on our lake side farm. By doing this I am now able to be a day student at the school I attend, compared to being a border which only allowed me to come home on the weekends. This has given me the opportunity to ski before going to school in the morning. Being able to ski more has helped me so much with enhancing my skiing ability heading into the summer. A big thank you to mum and dad for making this decision.

By William Leigh


Kenneth Eissler – German Nationals

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015


The German Nationals took place from the 12th until the 14th of July, 2015 in Röllfeld am Main which is near Frankfurt. The open Skier Stefan Weigand organised a very big event. We arrived at a camping place on Thursday afternoon and couldn`t believe what we saw: The competition hadn`t even started but there were already spectators, big tents, sponsor signs and everything you need for a great weekend.

Usually the German Nationals are a more familiar event but Stefan had another plan for the competition this year. The weather was also perfect so we started with the trick and slalom events on Friday. Even the life stream worked so the spectators could watch what happens behind the boat. On Saturday morning the German TV came and interviewed a few skiers and filmed a lot.

The competition was going very well and in the afternoon the excitement got even bigger. We were starting to get ready for the first round of Jumping, when hundreds of people started rolling in to came and watch us jump. They were fascinated by the sport and especially the invert jumpers caught their attention. Lukas Heiss, Stefan Weigand, Frank Renelt, Chris Kurz and I had a hard fight for the gold medal in Jumping.

I really enjoyed skiing in front of so many people because it gives you a great feeling, it makes all the hard training worth it. In the above  picture you can see my 22.6 metres jump from the competition and in the background there are all the people who were there supporting us. All in all it was an amazing weekend and in my opinion the best German nationals I skied so far because it really pushed our sport forward and made it more famous in Germany.

Thanks again for everyone who made it possible!

by Kenneth Eissler

Carol Jackson – Other Sports That Complement Barefooting

Sunday, November 15th, 2015


Barefoot Water skiers as athletes must maintain a level of strength to ski and prevent injury. Working the upper body, core and lower body is essential. Balance can be improved being involved in other complementary sports.

Some sports you might try are as follows:

  • Rollerblading
  • Indo Board
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Bicycling
  • Tennis
  • Slalom (3 event)
  • Wake boarding
  • Trick skiing

It is always good to cross train between sports particularly in the off season.

– by Carol Jackson

Brice Storman – Summer 2013

Monday, March 30th, 2015

2I had just learned how to slalom ski and I thought it was the time of my life, just weaving back and forth through the water. Amazing, I thought. As summer neared its end, my dad told me about this insane water sport called BAREFOOTING. At first that sounded like some lame sport that nobody’s ever heard of. Then my dad showed me a video of it and it was the coolest thing ever. My dad asked me if I wanted to try it next summer and I said yes as enthusiastic as my worried mind would let me.

A year passed and the barefooting thing had slipped from my mind but it hadn’t slipped from my dad’s. He reminded me mid-summer and I tried to make the excuse that we didn’t have anywhere to go to barefoot. But he already found a place to go. He said WBC. So we went and checked it out. 6 or 7 months later, I’m now a sponsored skier and skiing every weekend, having the time of my life with some of the coolest people you could meet.



2015 WBC Suits Now Available for PreOrder ONLINE!!

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Our 2015 WBC Barefoot Suits will be arriving shortly. Don’t miss out on your favorite and pre order one online now. Our Adult Range includes the “Wired” in various colors and a new designed “Graffiti”. We also are coming out with our first Junior Suit Range which includes the “Wired” in various colors.

Highest Scoring Barefoot Act Award at the D2 Show Ski Nationals Tournament

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

The World Barefoot Center likes to support Show Skiing and had the honor to sponsored the Highest Scoring Barefoot Act  at the Division 2 Show Ski National Tournament.

Highest Scoring Barefoot Act Award at the Division 2 Show Ski National Tournament goes to the Lake City Skiers

Team WBC would like to Congratulate the Lake City Skiers for their achievement.

Highest Scoring Barefoot Act Award at the D1 Show Ski Nationals Tournament

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

The World Barefoot Center likes to support Show Skiing and had the honor to sponsored the Highest Scoring Barefoot Act  at the Division 1 Show Ski National Tournament.

Highest Scoring Act at the D1 Show Ski National Tournament Awarded by the World Barefoot Center

Congratulations to the Rock Aqua Jays on their huge barefoot line from Team WBC!!

Sam Meredith: Barefoot Clinic with David Small

Monday, November 17th, 2014

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I booked in for a ski clinic with David Small in September in sunny England. I was looking to improve my backwards position on both feet and one foot. Having spent 3 weeks in June at the World Barefoot Center, I did about 50% of my training skiing backwards and became quite confident on two feet by the end of my stay, but when it came to doing one foots, my technique and body position slipped making me very unstable.

I arrived at the lake in Cambridge and I was cold as soon as I stepped out the car. My first ski pass was a front pass working on my toe holds and tumble turns which were a little shakey and slow at first but managed to get them all in, in the short pass. Dave had me repeat this for another couple of passes then had me trying to complete as many toe holds in my pass he set me a target of 10 which I missed a few times by 1 or 2 then on my last run just about got.

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For my second set of the morning Dave had me skiing backwards. I did a few passes and he made some adjustments to my ski position to stop me skiing too clean on my feet and arching my shoulders more which felt a lot less sketchy. At the end of my set, he had me doing my one foots which I didn’t really struggle with too much. Before I started, he just said, “don’t dive away too much when you pick your foot up” which stuck in my head and made it a lot easier and managed a pass of some good steady one foots. For the end of my set in the morning I tried a couple of passes at a back toe hold which I managed to get my foot up and in the toe strap but as soon as I let go I fell off my standing foot by leaning the wrong way Dave said my leg was far too bent and I needed body position to be far more upright to make it easier.

After an hour long hot shower and lunch, I did my second half of the day just working my backwards one foots on shoe skis again trying to complete as many as I could in one pass my target was 20 which took my a couple of passes but then once I got the hand of transferring my weight onto the standing foot, I managed it. For my second set, I worked on back toe holds on shoe skis both basic and reverse, concentrating on standing more upright in the toe hold position which made me much more stable. By the end of the set, I managed to get two in the pass.

Sam Meredith

Will Rhea, Dealing with an Injury

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

I had my first true barefooting injury in July, while skiing at the WBC. I have always had to deal with bumps and bruises from barefooting, but never anything serious. This time, however, I had a bad fall on a jump that made me lose my breath and my ribs were in a lot of pain. I tried to keep skiing through the pain, but it just got worse.

I was so disappointed and did not want to stop skiing. I kept trying to ski, but my focus was on my ribs, and not my skiing. This was not how I had planned my training time! I had several days left at the WBC, and two upcoming tournaments. I took the next two days off to rest and recover.

The morning I tried to ski again, as soon as I crunched my abs forward on my toe up, I felt a pop and a jolt of pain, and I lost my breath again. I was in even more pain than the first time. This is when I knew that I could not ski anymore.

I was so crushed and disappointed to have to stop skiing. I missed out on competing in the Southern Regionals, as well as Nationals. I did enjoy watching my sister, Lizzie, compete though.

I went to the doctor as soon as I got home, and he said that I had damaged the cartilage on the front of my 8th and 9th ribs. The pop I felt was my cartilage. He said that I had probably bruised it on the first fall, and did more damage by trying to keep skiing through the pain. He told me that it would take 6 to 8 weeks to heal, and that I had to be inactive for at least a month (which was the worst part)!

It has now been 6 weeks, and I have been cleared by my doctor to ski again. I am not in pain anymore, and I am so ready to try to ski next weekend! I will never take my health, and the opportunity to ski for granted again!

Will Rhea

Sam Meredith, My Summer at the World Barefoot Center

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

This was my 2nd trip to the World Barefoot Center and certainly the warmest ski conditions I’ve experienced where there is no temperature difference between being in or out of the water. I had little ski time over the last year due to bad weather and logistics but managed to keep up a daily workout in the gym for strength endurance and fitness. Xmas 2012 at the World Barefoot Center got me from just about standing on the water to consistent front toe holds, tumbles and stand up to one foots and getting up backwards behind the boat. I was a little nervous it would take me a while to get back to where I was after a year with a small amount of ski practice.

The first few days worked on my front toe holds, slalom and backwards getting more and more confident. After the 5 days training I worked on backwards one foots on the 10 foot line working up to a toe hold which I managed to nail once after some work, although my one foot position needed much work for consistency.

During the second week of my visit I worked on consistency doing back deeps which took some time to get the hang of again. Ashleigh helped me become more consistent with this by gliding for long passes then eventually getting up backwards and then back down to the glide at the end of the pass. From getting the hang of that I moved it to behind the boat and rarely missed a start and practised getting out of the wake then managing a wake crossing. I also worked on my front trick pass consisting of toe holds and tumbles to one foots. As I became stronger in my toe hold position I started to learn the toe up starting from a negative which after at least 30 attempts managed to complete on the 10 foot.

Also a big part of my stay included fitness training for the team Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. The training was mainly body weight circuits but involved sprints, swimming and some weighted exercises every workout involved almost every muscle group and lasted approx. 90 minutes. The fitness training was orientated around skiing and interval style sprints or swims this is similar to the way a ski set is achieved by doing a series of intense passes.