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Sam Meredith, My Summer at the World Barefoot Center

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

This was my 2nd trip to the World Barefoot Center and certainly the warmest ski conditions I’ve experienced where there is no temperature difference between being in or out of the water. I had little ski time over the last year due to bad weather and logistics but managed to keep up a daily workout in the gym for strength endurance and fitness. Xmas 2012 at the World Barefoot Center got me from just about standing on the water to consistent front toe holds, tumbles and stand up to one foots and getting up backwards behind the boat. I was a little nervous it would take me a while to get back to where I was after a year with a small amount of ski practice.

The first few days worked on my front toe holds, slalom and backwards getting more and more confident. After the 5 days training I worked on backwards one foots on the 10 foot line working up to a toe hold which I managed to nail once after some work, although my one foot position needed much work for consistency.

During the second week of my visit I worked on consistency doing back deeps which took some time to get the hang of again. Ashleigh helped me become more consistent with this by gliding for long passes then eventually getting up backwards and then back down to the glide at the end of the pass. From getting the hang of that I moved it to behind the boat and rarely missed a start and practised getting out of the wake then managing a wake crossing. I also worked on my front trick pass consisting of toe holds and tumbles to one foots. As I became stronger in my toe hold position I started to learn the toe up starting from a negative which after at least 30 attempts managed to complete on the 10 foot.

Also a big part of my stay included fitness training for the team Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. The training was mainly body weight circuits but involved sprints, swimming and some weighted exercises every workout involved almost every muscle group and lasted approx. 90 minutes. The fitness training was orientated around skiing and interval style sprints or swims this is similar to the way a ski set is achieved by doing a series of intense passes.

Barefoot Water Ski TOE-UPS in the Gym

Friday, April 12th, 2013

RC Gerstad

One of the highest scoring starts in barefooting is the toehold deep-water start. I recently just started learning these and often times I found myself exhausted after only a few. I start to wonder if there was a way that I could dry land the start because that my core was sore after attempting toe ups. One day when I was at the gym I looked around at all the different machines and finally found a machine that would work perfectly to help me with my toe ups.

First you need a machine such as either of the machines above. Next, figure out the appropriate height for the adjusting pulley, typically I Place mine 3 feet off the ground. After, you have an appropriate height, determine how much weight to add to the line (it may take a little experimentation but keep in mind that the more weight you add the easier the exercise will be). Then, sit down on the ground put your foot that normally goes in the toe strap into the handle (Similar to the one in the below picture.)

After your foot is in the handle, slide back on the ground about 1.5 to 2 feet depending on tall you are. From here, you imitate the toe up start. (The picture sequence below)

As you make more and more of the stand ups, start to decrease the weight that is pulling.  A little heads up: every time I have done this at the gym some one has offered to help me up, so it may be wise to do this exercise with a partner as to avoid those kind of encounters.

RC Gerstad

No Pain No Gain…. Lies!

Friday, February 8th, 2013


Do you suffer from back, knee, or neck pain after barefoot skiing? Crashes and their repercussions don’t count!

Does the burning sensation in your legs or arms get to you? Barefoot waterskiing is explosive energy; typically a quick pass and a mini break until the boat comes back, another quick pass and so on and so forth.

Besides skiing it is time to do a little cross training to keep the body in check and make barefooting a more pleasurable experience.

STRETCH! STRETCH! STRETCH! This is the area that is most important and the place we lack the most. Take the time to stretch out the whole body. A few minutes of toe touching on the dock isn’t going to cut it! A full 15 minutes minimum daily will make significant changes to the way you feel in daily life and when you get on the water. Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV, sit on the floor and stretch out. The time flies, trust me!! For group stretching Yoga and Pilates are great options either in an actual class or a DVD.

“Feel the Burn!” That is not what you want to hear while you are skiing down the lake. Get those legs a little bit stronger, squats are the answer. No I am not talking about massive weights at the gym. That is too extreme. Lean against the wall and bend your knees until 90 degrees and HOLD for 1 minute, 4 reps. Continue to add a minute each week, and before you know it no more burning.

Are those forearms, and bicep’s screaming at you? Choose some light weights 3-15lbs work those arms into shape. Imitate a barefoot stance while holding weights instead of a handle can make a world of a difference in the long run.

Just a few simple things to make life on the water, more fun! Is that even possible? Staying stretched out and in good shape will significantly reduce injury no matter what age! Ski Safe.

Lauren St. Onge