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Lizzie Rhea: Thanksgiving, Barefooting, Toe-holds, and Earrings

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

This Thanksgiving, I made a list of 105 things that I am thankful for in my life. God’s love for me, Jesus, family, friends, barefooting, and finally getting my ears pierced were all at the top of my list.

Let me tell you how barefooting helped me get my ears pierced! I had been begging my parents to let me pierce my ears for years, but they said I had to wait until I was 12. This past summer, however, my Daddy decided to use it as motivation to learn back toe-holds.

I had never tried back toe-holds and did not even want to try them. One day, my Daddy said, “If you get both back toe-holds on the boom, you can get your ears pierced.” He thought it would take me a long time, so he wasn’t worried about promising me something so big. Anyway, I jumped at the chance!

I was very determined that I was going to do it that same day and I did! I focused very hard and I believed I could do it. That helped me a lot. I fell so many times and it really hurt, but I finally got it on my good foot. My bad foot took much longer because it felt so different and it was harder to balance. I just kept thinking about those earrings though, and I worked even harder to get it.

I wanted those earrings so much that I learned both back toe-holds the same day my Daddy made the deal with me. He really did not want me to get my ears pierced so soon (at 10 years old), but he was so happy, excited, and proud of me that he didn’t care! I was very happy too!

I am thankful for my wonderful Daddy, barefooting, and my ears being pierced now! I even have some little silver footprint earrings! It was a fun experience, and a good lesson that you have to work hard for something you want.

By: Lizzie Rhea