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Stefan Wimmer: How I Started Barefooting

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

My dad was also a barefooter, so when I was a little feller, I was always with him and my older brother in the boat. We had a lot of fun and I enjoyed to be with my family on the boat. When I was six years old, I started to play around on the boom.

I skied whenever I desired to ski. Sometimes I wanted to learn something new and sometimes I just played around.

In this time I did also a lot of other sports like soccer, skateboarding, trampolining and some more. I liked to do so many different sports and barefooting was always a part of these sports.

When I was 9 years old, I skied my first tournament in Italy (Albarella) and it was amazing for me. I was a little bit nervous to miss the start, but I made it so I was really happy.

Since then, I skied every year a view competitions, but just for fun and barefooting was like a big hobby for me.

My brother was always an idol for me because he skied very good and I wanted to ski like he did. He trained hard and was focused on barefooting. In 2003, he won the junior slalom world championship and I was so proud of him.

From this poin, barefooting got more and more interesting for me. With 15 years, I did competitions in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy… and I love to travel around and do everywhere in the world Barefoot competitions.

I stopped playing soccer and from this time on, my focus was on barefooting.

When I watched at competitions professional barefooters, I wanted to be like them and trained more and more. This was my incentive.

Now I am proud to be part of the World Barefoot Center Team were I can ski and train with the best barefooters all over the world.

Keep on footing!!

How to become a WBC Sponsored Athlete!

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Have you ever wondered if you have got what it takes to join the WBC’s Sponsored Athletes Program. Well here at the World Barefoot Center each and every skier shares a passion for the sport of barefoot waterskiing and a willingness to push themselves to become better skiers. Our sponsored athletes program is always expanding to become bigger and better. We are looking for skiers that are able to ski well and that have a great personality as well as the heart and drive to push themselves to become the best skiers they can be. We want to build world-class skiers by giving them an opportunity to train with the best skiers and coaches in the world, and elevate their skiing to the highest level.

In order to reach our goals, we need to be sure that we have members who want to go all the way and are completely committed to improving and doing things the right way. The sponsored skiers need to honour a number of qualifications in order to help both WBC and themselves out. The qualifications include:

  • Attending all major tournaments
  • Willingness to help in all aspects of Barefooting (for example helping out during tournaments, taking pictures/videos, and writing articles)
  • Commitment to the school and spending time here (a minimum of 10 days per year)
  • Openness to teamwork
  • Having a great attitude towards learning
  • Professionalism and class both on and off the water
  • Representing WBC and the sport in an outstanding way
  • Courtesy
  • And most importantly a desire to be both among the best and to become one of the best.

There are no set qualification scores to be able to apply for the program. However, all athletes will be expected to spend at least 10 skiing days per year at the school, and must be dedicated to learning and progressing in the sport.

If you think the above applies to yourself and that you are interested in applying to become apart of the team theres a WBC team application form that needs to be filled out and sent in to either the school E-Mail, or to our Postal Address, 3915 Lake Conine Dr. E. Winter Haven, Florida 33881. You will also need to include bio information including your current PB’s and accomplishments (check out Team WBC on our website for examples of what we are looking for), your future goals and ambitions, a description of both your long term and short term goals as well as a short explanation about what you think you can bring to the group as a team skier and what your willing to do for the team. We would also like you to include a picture of yourself so that if you are chosen we can put it on the website.

If chosen, the skier will be notified and will now be a part of The WBC Sponsored Athletes Program, and will be expected to honor all above statements. These individuals will become a part of a very special group.


By Ashleigh Stebbeings, Australia