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The Mission Which Drives the World Barefoot Center

Monday, March 4th, 2013

The World Barefoot Center has plenty of inspirational quotes that show up on their shirts, advertisements, and videos. The most important quote or statement, though, is the mission statement. The World Barefoot Center’s mission statement is:

“To build champions on and off the water, show commitment to the improvement of our students beginner to advanced, and utilize our business as a catalyst to ignite passion and growth within the sport”. About everyone that has been involved with the WBC has seen or heard this statement before. But that’s probably it. They’ve just seen or heard the words of the statement. How many people have actually sat down and thought about what it means? As a sponsored skiier, I found myself realizing that I should especially know what this statement is actually saying. Yet, it may not be an easy task for anybody to understand what it is truly saying. It’s a lengthy, confusing sentence if it’s looked at as a whole. Although, the statement can be broken down into three different parts to make it much easier for anyone to understand.

Part I: Build Champions

The first part of the statement is “To build champions on and off the water”. This is probably the easiest part of the statement to understand. The World Barefoot Center wants to obviously help create some of the best barefooters out there, which they have already accomplished through several skiers. Well that explains the “build champions on the water” part. Now, what about the other half of this section of the statement, the part stating their mission is to “build champions off the water”? How could one be a champion off the water? Well there’s several ways, including having good sportsmanship, having a good attitude, and being humble. But what I think is most important in being a champion off the water is basically having a likable character. This means the person should be first, and foremost, comfortable with his or herself. They need to have a high self-esteem, and then the rest should come much easier. With that confidence, they will be able to talk to others easily, making others feel more comfortable around that person. And second, to have a likable character, the person needs to be willing to help others. I mean, it’s simple… People like People who help People–with anything–such as carrying something, learning a new trick, or trying to learn how to get more involved in the sport. A champion off the water needs to be a person that people feel comfortable going to.

So, to sum things up on the first part of the mission statement: The WBC looks to make outstanding skiers and outstanding people.

Part II: Show Commitment

The second part of the mission statement is to “show commitment to the improvement of our students beginner to advanced”. This part of the statement is showing how much the WBC is willing to help people become better skiiers. Whether it be someone who has never stood up behind the boat before, or someone who is trying to score over 10,000 points for the first time, the WBC is willing to help that skiier as much as possible. But this also depends on the skiier’s motivation and passion to get to a goal. As long as the skiier is serious about working hard, the WBC will help in return and show they want that skier to succeed.

The WBC wants to see their skiers succeed.

Part III: Ignite Growth

The third and final part of the mission statement is to “utilize our business as a catalyst to ignite passion and growth within the sport”. With all its confusing, fancy-shmancy wording, this is probably the most difficult part of the statement to understand. First off, to make this easier to understand, what is a catalyst? Well, a catalyst is something that causes or speeds up activity with something else. In this case, the WBC looks to use their business as a catalyst to create more popularity within the sport. They want to see more and more people not only joining the sport, but also caring about the sport. Think about it… Wouldn’t it be pretty amazing to get the sport of barefooting so popular, that the tournaments are aired on TV someday?

The WBC wants to use their business to make barefooting more popular.

Now that the whole statement has been broken down into smaller parts, it should be much easier to understand. This statement defines the whole purpose of the World Barefoot Center and what they stand for, so the people that are involved with the WBC should understand what the statement means. Not only will they be able to understand the WBC’s purpose, but they will also be able to explain it to newcomers.

By: Collin Barber