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UK Jump Jam 2012

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

In November 10, 2012 in the Cotswolds England, we had a Jump Jam tournament. It was pretty cold. The tournament started early in the morning with skiers doing tricks and slalom. After that had finished, Dave Small went out and jumped for the crowd. His furthest jump was 23.5 meters. The sun went down and the lights came on for the night jump winner taking 1000 pounds 250 for second and 150 for third.

Filippo from Italy and Evert Aartsen Jr. from Finland both came over prior to the tournament for a couple of days training too. Ben Harris was first out on the water, landing his last jump out of three. I was up next, pretty excited but nervous as I hadn’t jumped at night before. The first two did not go well, landing on my face both times. I skied away the last jump but a small distance. Filippo and Evert both jumped well, around 18m but Greg Meehan won with a 20.5m jump.

Ted Baber