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Collin Barber: A Barefooting Setback

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Back in the beginning of April, I was spending my Spring Break at the World Barefoot Center.  It was my second or third day skiing when I started to work on turns once again.  I nailed all four 180’s right off the bat and I was excited.  It was the first time I had done that since December.  I did a couple more runs of them and I was feeling comfortable.  Then, I kinda messed up my whole summer…  I ended up falling on my basic front-to-back and my left knee twisted a way that it was not supposed to go.  I knew I messed it up bad as soon as I felt it.  It felt like giant cramp on the inside of my knee.  I got in the boat and tried feeling it out, but it just felt… weird.  It felt weak and unstable.  The rest of that day I sat in the boat, not saying a word, worried about what could really be wrong with my knee.  The longer I sat, the more the adrenaline wore off and the worse I could feel the injury.

Eventually, when I got back home, I got it checked out by the doctor.  I found out my MCL tore in my knee.  It meant about 2 months of therapy for my knee before doing any kind of skiing.  So, I decided to focus on getting it better and that’s what I did.  Then at the end of May I went back to WBC to train once more.  And just my luck, I ended up hurting my knee again doing turns.  Again, the doctor checked it out and told me I just re-injured the MCL.  He suggested taking a longer time to recover this time.  He suggested to take the whole summer off from turns to lower the risk of putting my knee in that awkward position.
To make a long story short, I’ve basically been off competitive barefooting this whole summer.  I made sure to strengthen my leg muscles and I still kept up with barefooting at home.  I had to limit what I did barefooting at home, of course.  I still managed to make the most of my summer, though, by skiing what I could in the Aquanut Water Ski Shows, including a double barefoot pyramid.  I just had to take it easy the whole summer.  Although, I look forward to getting right back into the heat of things next summer.

By: Collin Barber