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Will Leigh – Moving Lakeside

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Recently my family and I were fortunate enough to be able to move from my parent’s farm in the country side, into the house on our lake side farm. By doing this I am now able to be a day student at the school I attend, compared to being a border which only allowed me to come home on the weekends. This has given me the opportunity to ski before going to school in the morning. Being able to ski more has helped me so much with enhancing my skiing ability heading into the summer. A big thank you to mum and dad for making this decision.

By William Leigh


Lexi McCauley – First trip to WBC

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

In the Winter of 2012, I knew I was going to the WBC but I didn’t know it was such a big deal.  Christmas morning I got my WBC bag, foot print necklace, a footprint towel, and an airplane ticket.  My mom even made me feet and airplane cookies.  My dog got into the cookies so I didn’t get to eat those.  I was really excited to go with my Aunt Tina and sister Sydney.  I had to wait 4 months until I got to go on Spring Break. A couple of weeks before we left my parents explained to me how big of a deal it was to go ski with the world champs.  I wanted to go so bad and that day was taking so long to come.  The day came after a sleepless night because I was nervous to ski and had never been on a plane. I was also scared I wasn’t going to be able to get up because I hadn’t skied since nationals.   We went to the airport and said goodbyes which almost made me cried. We finally left for Florida.

Our flight landed very late and I slept on my way to the hotel.  We got up early to be ready to go to the WBC. When we got there everybody treated me as part of the family. I met so many people I can’t even count but I won’t forget them.  I learned a lot of things my first trip to the WBC and will as I continue more trips. I am now a part of the sport.


Will Rhea: Crossfit for Barefooting

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

I have always been very active and I love sports. My two favorite sports are basketball and barefooting, but I have also played football. My parents have been sending me to Clint Cox, trainer and owner of Do Work Training, for two years now to help me with my athletic performance. I go two days a week, and do crossfit type workouts.

These workouts can get tough, but they have helped me with things like my overall strength, agility, and my vertical jump. I have noticed a huge improvement in all three categories since I started working out with Clint.

I have been working on my toe-ups for barefooting this past year, and struggled slightly getting up. I had to rock forward a little too much. I told Clint about it, & he showed me an exercise to help make my toe-ups a lot easier. It is called a pistol squat (squat on one leg, while holding the other leg straight out in front of you). I started out in a chair, then went lower and lower until I could do it on the ground. After doing pistol squats for a couple of weeks, my toe-ups were easier than ever!

It was an awesome feeling to improve at something as a result of my extra workouts. I would recommend cross fit type training to all athletes, of all ages and abilities. It really helps to prepare your body to do what you need it to do, in whatever sport you love!

By: Will Rhea

Upcoming 2014 Barefoot Worlds

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Jim Forster

As we approach the upcoming World Barefoot Waterskiing Championships in Mulwala, Australia, I would like to take time to wish all of the participating skiers the best of luck. There are only 5 weeks left before skiers from many different countries, take to the water in head to head competition that will determine the best team and best overall skiers. As a sponsored Team World Barefoot Center skier, I have met and skied with many of the athletes that will travel to Australia and compete. I myself will compete as an Independent U.S.A. skier, but want to point out that I have the utmost respect for all the competitors as I have seen their dedication and preparation over the last year. Countless hours of training on and off the water have been spent practicing new and untried techniques, searching for the key to perfecting their trick run, slalom pass or jump.

The Australian team is a force to be reckoned with, but each country brings top skiers and anything can happen. Whatever the results, each individual skier can be proud that he or she was there to represent their country. Kudos to Keith, David, Ashley, Ben and Swampy for pushing us to be the best that we can possibly be……I’m lucky to have been coached by each and every one of them. I’m lookng forward to skiing ‘Down Under’ as it has always been a goal of mine. I will be visiting family there before moving down to Mulwala on he border of New South Wales and Victoria, on the Murray River. It will be the middle of Summer there as the rest of you in the Northern Hemisphere will experience extreme cold weather, so bundle up and stay tuned to Australia…………. Good Luck to everyone!

Bob’s Your Uncle,
Jim Forster

Jackson Gerard: Rising Early to Barefoot Water Ski

Monday, November 11th, 2013

It’s a quiet, foggy morning in the heart of central Florida. The sun won’t be peaking its radiance above the treetops for another half hour, but the dog and my ten-year-old son, Jackson, are already awake and sneaking out of the house. Why would a mother allow her child to beat her out of the bed and leave the house before she has even opened one eye?

“Mmmm.”  I smell coffee so I open an eye and find a fresh pot waiting for me. Mornings like these are my favorite. I make a cup and head to the porch to sip and catch a glimpse of my baby practice his newest barefoot trick. Even though I cant see him yet, I can hear the boat and can tell if he is making progress. I listen to my husband offering pointers and patiently turning our boat around to try again.

Jackson learned how to barefoot this past summer by straddling a kneeboard behind our boat. Not the easiest trick, but that is how his dad learned and we don’t have a ski boat with a boom.  It took him about a dozen tries over the course of two days, but he did it. Then he did it again and again and again. Before we knew it, he was barefooting 1000 feet.

After posting a video of his new skill on Facebook, a friend contacted me to tell  me that the best barefoot school in the world is located in Winter Haven, just a 30-minute drive away. I met with Swampy and signed Jackson up for a half day lesson. Of course, after donning a protective barefoot suit,  footing behind a shining ski boat, and trying some tricks on a boom, he was hooked!

He now trains with an amazing staff of professionals. The experience of meeting such talented and wonderful people from all over the world is an opportunity of a lifetime.  On days he does not train at World Barefoot Center, his muffled yelps and whoops can be heard  in the distance among the soft chirps and croaks of the other early risers.

By: Joni Jackson

Jackson enjoys a toe hold during his 4th WBC lesson

Ted Baber: Training at Keuka Lake

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Flying high during a training set

There was a training week held at Keuka lake, Fairford on the last week of July this year. It was put together by Jem Drew and Paul Turner, with help from Nick Lodge. It was a chance to bring the skiers closer together, and all throughout the week, there was a positive atmosphere. We spent 5 days training and working on different aspects everyday, based on what Paul saw individuals needed to work on, as well as overall new tricks. Charlie Long, Ben Edwards, Nick Lodge, Tom Heaps and Bibby Curtis spent the week camping down the lake. With the weather not holding up all week, it was a challenging to be there training, despite spending time during the rain hiding in the boat under the trees, we still managed to take advantage of the glass water. It was a great week, full of skiing, and being able to build up stronger friendships between the skiers.

By: Ted Baber

Stefan Wimmer: Barefoot Training in Italy

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

At the beginning of September, Filippo texted me that his federation wants to organize a training competition in Recetto, Italy from 12. to 15. September.

For me it was great to ski a small training competition before the European Championship in October.

My decision was clear because in that time of the season the weather conditions in Austria start to get naff.  So I planned a short trip to Italy that I can train with Filippo for 3 days. My girlfriend Karin and Madeleine, a good friend of mine, came with me to support me at my competition.

On the way to Italy:

We arrived in Recetto on Friday morning and put the ramp into the water.

It took us about 2 hours to fix everything and than we started with our training.

We did two sets of slalom and tricks and in the afternoon we did a jump set.

On Saturday we planned to do a small traininig competiton of 2 rounds (slalom, tricks and jump).  The weather was good all the time but when we started to jump the conditions got bad. So we decided to jump 2 rounds on Sunday.

On Sunday morning we started at about 8:30 in the morning with another round of slalom and tricks and after that we jumped.

It was a really nice training weekend for me in Recetto and it was nice to meet a lot of waterskiers from Italy.

I will come back for sure next year  to ski a competition in Recetto.

By: Stefan Wimmer

Sam Meredith: The FITT Principle

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013
As with many sports sometimes the best way to maintain ski fitness is putting in the hard hours on the water, however I am a firm believer having a fitness programme off the water is essential in maximizing your success.
It’s easy to understand why some people feel overwhelmed about beginning a new fitness routine. With so much information (and misinformation), it can be hard to decipher what fitness regimen will really deliver results. But truthfully, it’s not difficult at all to determine the basic theory that should underpin every fitness programme.
An easy way to get started is utilizing the F.I.T.T. principle. This acronym stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.
Frequency: As you might expect, this refers to how often you will exercise. After any form of exercise is performed your body completes a process of rebuilding and repairing. So, determining the frequency of exercise is important in order to find a balance that provides just enough stress for the body to adapt and also allows enough rest time for healing. I would suggest if your not sking an an awful lot and would like to maintain fitness you should be undertaking skiing specific fitness exercises at least three timer per week to prevent muscular atrophy. A skier who is physically fit may exercise most days but the type of activity and level of intensity may differ to prevent overload and allow recovery.
Intensity: Defined as the amount of effort or work that must be invested in a specific exerciseworkout. This too requires a good balance to ensure that the intensity is hard enough to overload the body but not so difficult that it results in overtraining, injury or burnout. I would suggest you train at high intensity with regular rest intervals to try and simiulate a set of ski passes.
Time: Again, this is rather self-explanatory. Time is simply how long each individual session should last. This will vary based on the intensity and type and your current level of fitness.

Type: What type of exercise will you be doing? Will an exercise session be primarily cardiovascular, resistance training or a combination of both? And, what specific exercises will you perform. To train properly off the water you will need to target all areas of fitness. These areas can easily be split in to
separate sessions and performed on different days during the week.

By:  Sam Meredith

Chandler Cargile: Looking Forward to Summer

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Last summer at the World Barefoot Center ski school, I had the most fun I have ever had. I met new people, got to know them well and became good friends with them. I also got to see people I already knew. From skiing with all of my friends, to hanging out by the pool, going to the movies, going to Andy’s and just playing around the house, I can’t think of how it could have gotten any better.

There is nothing I love more than being with the World Barefoot Center family, and I hope this summer is going to be just like the last one. The only difference is the new goals we all will have. Much higher goals, and its always better when you have friends like I do to push you as far as you can. I really want to become stronger in my skiing and take it as far as I possibly can.

I cant wait until this summer begins!

Recovering After a Barefoot Injury

Thursday, May 16th, 2013
As you might know last August I dislocated my shoulder on jumping, it happened in Texas during the the team training, 2 days before the world’s began. Such a frustration after months of getting ready for the biggest competition of the next 2 years, travelling that far from my country to be injured on the first set. Even if I could not plan what would happen, that would have to be the worst experience as a skier, so much invested time for nothing. Instead of pain what’s kills me more was seeing all those peoples that you met all along your trainings and travels skiing and enjoying there tournament as a skier, and I was just beside them couldn’t do anything but watching.

Back home many poeples were sorry for me. But after that I just had to wait for things to get better.. 6 weeks later I was able to start a physiotherapy to recover, 4 times a week I used to go to get back in a good shape for 3 months. When the physiotherapy  had finished, the skiing season was already done so I couldn’t “test” my shoulder for a while. So far my goal was to get back in shape and make my shoulder stronger but what could I do until the season began? I used to practice in winter times as rugby and gymnastic where forbidden. But I couldn’t wait anymore, I just needed to move so I chose to go back on gym to keep a descent physical activity and it would permit me to find my limits.
After a couple training sessions I was still feeling pain on my shoulder and gymnastic crave a lot on this, but the more I was going and the more I practice I was feeling better and better so I keep going and looked forward to barefoot. Then I enforced the training and started to work out more and more meanwhile the barefoot season started.

I’m in Florida for two weeks now and I didn’t have the opportunity to ski before I come here because of the very long winter we had in Europe.  I feel so good to ski after an eight-month break, even if I keep having pains sometimes. I don’t give up and manage with it, the most important thing now is I focus on for this year and next Worlds that I don’t want to miss this time!

Clement Maillard