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David Baranowski: New to Competition

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014


My name is David Baranowski and I live in Philadelphia. I started barefooting in 2006 when I bought my first ski boat, my wife thought it was cool to watch but didn’t want anything to do with it except drive for me, she then sent me to Florida for some training and I was addicted to it even more.

I started to learn tumbles and then on to 1 foots, what a blast learning them, I went to a clinic with Keith St. Onge for a day and wow was it awesome, so this year I ran a clinic with Keith and worked on back ones that I’m having such a hard time with, but was determined to get them. I am going to do my first tournament at the eastern regionals in Pennsylvania and my goal is to do all four tumbles to one and to front toes. I cannot wait to get to the wbc and ski my butt off and work as hard as I can to make myself and the WBC proud.

David Baranowski

Footapalooza 2014 Results

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Well Footapalooza 2014 is in the bag, and what a great event this year. Friday stated out very well with many practice runs and catching up with the northern footing crew. Silver lake was flat, warm, and at a great level. With the level of the water being nice and high, it kept many of the lily pads out of sight. By the time night fell the course was set and everything was ready to go for the next day.

​Saturday morning came in cool, foggy and overcast, but the water was flat. As the footers showed up, the fog began to lift and by 9 am the sun was beginning to get warm and the water remained flat. When registration was over we had a total of 29 footers and many new faces. This year was the biggest turnout we have had in 6 years. We had footers from all over. New Jersey, Winnipeg Canada, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, and of course Wisconsin.

The first set of footers set the bar for the day by completing the first figure 8 of the day. The competition was fierce with great sportsmanship. There were many great match ups throughout the day, and with two divisions, it’s really too hard to go thru them all. I think many of the reader of this post would get bored, but I have a few key points to mention. We had several people that we’re doing 2 figure 8’s or more throughout the day. Additionally I believe the highlight of the Footapalooza was Doug Smith sr. facing off against his wife Kristin. As you can guess, the jokes were flying especially after Kristen took her husband out in the first 8, but let’s face it, Doug was in a no-win situation.

The day progressed smoothly without any weather delays, injuries, or boat issues. (Whew, thank God). After all was said and done we had a guy out of Winnipeg Canada winning the open division and taking 3rd in the pro division. It is important to mention that Wayne King skied back to back five times and never asked for a break and in fact, wanted just to keep going. The matches he was facing was no easy task–either every person he faced ran him at least 1 figure 8. Very impressive for anyone especially for someone that is 56 yrs old!

The rest of the breakdown went like this:

​Open division: Wayne King, Al Morrison, Todd Thompson, Travis Lepak, Brody Meskers, and Paul miller.

​Pro division: Jon DeBelak, Marc Donahue, Wayne King, Brad Pylman, Eric Devries, and then Ron Blouw.

​I would like to thank everyone that participated and helped with the running of the event. A special thanks to Dave Mueller for announcing, thanks to mike miller and Kevin bender for driving, and Trisha bender for running the bracket board.

Additionally I would like to thank our sponsors the World Barefoot Center, Masterline, Thor thoradson, al Morrison and Wood Ya eye ware, barefoot graphics and promotions, Beth ann baker, and if I forgot someone, I am sorry, but thank you so much. Finally I would like thank Bill Wolf and Greg Ake for allowing us to use this wonderful site.

​Footapalooza is going to happen next year in June time, as far as the date goes, that is up in June air. There is a chance–a better than average chance that it will be the week before Father’s Day. I will keep everyone posted. Additionally we have another contribution which means more of a payout.

Foot safe this summer and good luck in the tournaments. God bless you all.

Chris Mcwatters

Lizzie Rhea: Girls Can Jump!

Friday, April 11th, 2014

I have always tried very hard to do whatever my big brother does, and catching up with him has always been my goal, especially in barefooting. When he learned to jump last year, I wanted to learn too, but I was scared to ask. Then, when we were at the WBC in December, David Small told me that it was time for me to learn to jump.

I was very surprised and also nervous about it, but he was so encouraging. He started me off on the boom, then moved me to a 3 foot rope, and then a 5 foot rope. The next day he moved me to the 10 foot rope. After a few turns he said, “Are you ready to go behind the boat?” I said, “ I don’t know!” Then David said, “That was a rhetorical question! You are going behind the boat!” I was scared at first, but then I realized that if he told me I was ready, then there was nothing to be scared about. I actually landed my first two longline jumps and it felt awesome!

After I was done, my parents came and they were very surprised that I had jumped longline. My Mom asked David, “What made you decide to teach her to jump already?” David said, “She can do anything she wants to do!” I think that was one of the most inspiring things I have ever heard!

I just met a really nice lady in Australia named Deb Williams. She competed in junior girls barefooting in the 1970’s. She told me that when she wanted to jump, they would not let girls do it yet. She was actually told by an official that she could not jump because she was a girl. She got together with her friends, and pressured the officials to let girls jump. I think she told me that she was like the 4th girl ever to jump in a tournament. I thought that was so cool, and my Mom told me that I should be very thankful that they paved the way for girls to jump.

I am so glad that I got to meet Deb Williams, and hear about the history of girls jumping in barefooting (She even took the picture of me jumping during practice time). It makes me very thankful to have such an encouraging instructor like David Small, who says that I can do anything I want to do! It is also awesome to watch girls like Ashleigh Stebbeings and Georgia Groen jump better than most of the boys!

Lizzie Rhea

The 2014 Barefoot World Championships

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

The 2014 Barefoot World Championships will take place in Mulwala, Australia on March 11 to 16.  Here are the links to follow:

Official Facebook Page for 2014 Barefoot Worlds

Instant scoring and skier results

2014 Worlds Skier Videos

BarefooterHQ Facebook Page

World Barefoot Center Facebook Page

World Barefoot Council

From USA Water Ski: U.S. Teams

Ariana Koehler: Only a ‘See You Later’ Not a ‘Goodbye’

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

One thing I absolutely love is traveling!  You get to see new places, experience new things, and meet new people.  However, traveling does come with its downfalls.  When you are always on the go, you can not stay in one place forever.  The difficult thing about this is always having to say goodbye.

I have friends in many places, and that has been such a blessing.  However, sometimes I am only able to see some of them every few months or even every few years.  This definitely isn’t easy, especially since I have been able to develop a lot of good relationships with these friends.

So what keeps me going?  How am I able to still hold onto these friendships?  What I always remember is that every goodbye is simply just a “See ya later.”  I know that I will see everyone again someday, and that when we next see each other we will be able to pick up right where we left off.  This is always a reassuring feeling for me.  In the meantime, I always stay in touch with everyone by phone and over Facebook.

By: Ariana Koehler

Italian Barefoot Nationals 2013

Friday, November 15th, 2013

During the second week end of July 2013 in the beautiful lake of the waterski KLI in Ravenna, Italy there was the Italian Barefoot Water Ski Nationals.
For me was a great competition as I won my first Open Overall title and my second Jump title in a row. The jump competition was really tough, thanks to my friend Giulio Stagi.  After the first round, we had the same distance: 20.4. We had to move in the second round to decide everything–finally 21.3 for Giulio and 21.4 for me. Yeah!

But the best thing was the eight Juniors, 9 to 16 year old, entering the competition, all of them having at the end a result on board in slalom and trick. I was really happy for them, more than my result cos i think kids are the future of pure sport and having little skier comping up the rankings will also help the sport and the older (i hate to say older to me) skier to keep on going and keep skiing their best.
Well done little guys!

Stefan Wimmer: Barefoot Training in Italy

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

At the beginning of September, Filippo texted me that his federation wants to organize a training competition in Recetto, Italy from 12. to 15. September.

For me it was great to ski a small training competition before the European Championship in October.

My decision was clear because in that time of the season the weather conditions in Austria start to get naff.  So I planned a short trip to Italy that I can train with Filippo for 3 days. My girlfriend Karin and Madeleine, a good friend of mine, came with me to support me at my competition.

On the way to Italy:

We arrived in Recetto on Friday morning and put the ramp into the water.

It took us about 2 hours to fix everything and than we started with our training.

We did two sets of slalom and tricks and in the afternoon we did a jump set.

On Saturday we planned to do a small traininig competiton of 2 rounds (slalom, tricks and jump).  The weather was good all the time but when we started to jump the conditions got bad. So we decided to jump 2 rounds on Sunday.

On Sunday morning we started at about 8:30 in the morning with another round of slalom and tricks and after that we jumped.

It was a really nice training weekend for me in Recetto and it was nice to meet a lot of waterskiers from Italy.

I will come back for sure next year  to ski a competition in Recetto.

By: Stefan Wimmer

Jim Forster: Barefooting from the Driver’s Perspective

Sunday, October 13th, 2013


 When competing in a barefoot tournament, a lot of focus as a skier, is whether you are going to get the pull from the driver that you are expecting. We are all familiar when practicing at home with the start, speed and boat path as we usually train with the same skiers. All of a sudden, you are faced with an unfamiliar driver which can put added pressure on and cause yourself distraction. As I have stated in a previous article that I wrote, it’s a good training technique to train with different drivers as this will help you to adapt to different pulls that you are not accustomed to and remove the uncertainty.

         As a Level 2 Driver and a competitive barefooter, I have the unique perspective of how we as drivers think and what is expected of us. I really enjoy driving and can tell you that for me, I put a lot of pressure on myself as I want to give every skier exactly what they want. If a skier misses a back deepwater start, a toe up or a back tumble, to name a few, I feel personally responsible and will notify the Chief communicator if I have any doubt that the pull was not to specification. A lot is expected of us and we are tasked with performing with as few mistakes as possible. Experience plays a big role in becoming a solid driver and cannot be gained overnight. As a driver, I want to make the skier feel comfortable and gain their confidence, but at the same time, adhere to the rules. When pulling my friends in practice, I strive to give them exactly the pull they want and also to drive with the same precision as one would expect in a tournament.

        I would advise prospective drivers to learn all the different phases of acceleration and to smoothly achieve speed level off as this makes a big difference to the skier behind the boat. You want to learn to accelerate smoothly up to the called speed, but not overshoot it…..the throttle pull back can cause the skier to fall if it is severe enough. This takes a little practice and can actually be done even with Zero Off speed control devices. Also as equally important to prospective drivers, is to learn the rules as set forth by the World Barefoot Council (WBC). These can be found in the WBC Technical Rulebook. Chapter 15 Towboats, deals with some of the more important ones, but others can be found in the other chapters. You need to be knowledgeable on what is expected of you as an official and also gain confidence that you can perform any start and pull any speed.

       Probably the most difficult start to pull is the back tumble up to one……..there are only a handful of skiers that perform this start, but what really helps the driver successfully pull it, is for the skier to call an RPM rather than a MPH or KPH for the level off speed. This also applies for those skiers that aren’t really solid on their back deepwater starts……..the RPM reference I have found, enables the skier to achieve a nice, smooth plant. Something else I encounter is pressure on myself from the judges in the boat, as they are also watching my boat path and acceleration, they can be critical at times, but a good driver has to be able to listen to, and accept criticism. This is all part of becoming a better driver and at the same time, gives .skiers a good tournament experience.

         I hope that this has given you an insight to what drivers experience………the next time the boat pulls up to you at the starting dock, you can be confident the driver will be waiting to please!

The 2013 Canadian Barefoot Nationals

Monday, September 9th, 2013

The Canadian Nationals were held August 16-18 with site familiarization on the 15th. When I arrived Thurs afternoon, the wind was blowing around 30-45K (20-30 mph for the metrically challenged).  As the skiers trickled in, we were all amazed that the water was entirely skiable, in fact barely any roughness at all, so we all had the chance to practice slalom and trick runs.

Dwight Williams

The entire site was amazing. The hosts, Dwight and Michelle Williams, had a dream a few years back of having a ski lake. From start of digging (10 days) to skiing was 37 days as they created a world class venue. Becky Moynes (our new Canadian open women champion) got a hold of Dwight and Michelle in the spring of 2013 and they offered to host our Nationals. The preparation for our arrival was astonishing. Dwight even built a LARGE skier dock for the event.  As such, hands down, it is everyone’s opinion that this was the best venue and best ever event for Canadian barefoot skiing.

The boat crew change dock. A large screen TV was setup in the shade for spectators to watch the live feed.

Dwight set up bleachers in front of the jump. This location was also a great vantage point for watching the trick and slalom runs.

The Williams Family--I'm hoping they'll adopt me

The Canadian Nationals are held over 3 days: the Canadian Challenge RC (Fri), the Canadian championships (Sat) and the Canadian Open (Sun). The organizing committee went one further, make that three further, by having extended familiarization on Thursday, an extra “round” on Friday, AND allowed everyone to ski Sunday rather than just the usual top 8. Hence, Trick Jump Slalom on Fri, Sat and Sun for all who entered. On Fri, the extra round was basically familiarization for any skiers wanting extra practice and receive instruction. Steve Keating made his longline back deep, having never fully attempted this start prior to the tourney, while all the other skiers benefited from practicing  and being coached through the steps.

Travelling from afar, Lake Havasu AZ, was Gord Croteau, back for his umteenth Canadian National. Gord placed 2nd in jump, slalom and overall. There was a large contingent of Team Gordie fans (wearing team Gordie shirts) cheering him on as Gord performed somersaults in his slalom runs. We had only one American guest, Matt Michaelski who drove from Michigan and picked up Don Schwartz (2012 worlds Sr gold medalist) at Pearson Airport. Matt was back for his 2nd Canadians and participated as skier and driver. We will all be glad to see the return of our friend from Michigan.

Matt Michaelski ruining a perfectly good shot

Ruth and moi…enhancing this shot of the lake

Ruth and moi -- enhancing the shot of the lake

The weather on all 3 days of competition was perfect, hence perfect water conditions. Turn around times were minimal as the lake washed out immediately. The organization was flawless as Terry Jones, the entire Mike Spence family, Tim Weekes, Al, Barb and Becky Moynes and skier volunteers executed great driving, judging, scoring, boat changes, postings and venue adaptions.  When a slight washback was noticed from the jump on Thurs famil, Terry Jones took the initiative to turn the jump 90 degrees during trick/slalom and voila: no washback; perfect ski conditions hence only one reride, for rollback. The length of the lake was more than adequate and I can’t remember anyone running out of lake. As such many PB’s and records were posted.

Terry Jones working on the jump

Ski jump perpendicular to the lake for trick and slalom…and that might very well be my handle flying by!

The Weekes’ Sanger. Al Moynes, seen handling the rope while I slack off, judged all events hence was in the boat all day, every day. Al is a well respected Level 1 judge with three World championships experience.  George Weekes is driving, Becky is judging, Ross Holden (Mens 8 champ) is recording, and I am trying to figure out why I always miss one of two waves.

The dreaded visit with Paul Roberts on the pickup vessel. Paul is president of the OWSA – Ontario Waterski Association who travelled to Napanee and volunteered to counsel disheartened skiers. Here Ross Holden is in session with the Pres.

Enroute to a visit with Paul

One intangible that sets the tone for Canadian Nationals is the attitude of the skiers and officials toward each other. Our Nationals are low stress, friendly competitions where the skiers know each other well, volunteer and go out of their way to welcome newcomers. We had three skiers competing for the first time that did very well and showed great potential; all commented that their reticence to compete in a national competition was alleviated due to the friendly attitudes of the regulars and the officials….Mission accomplished and lessons learned.

Don Schwart,z having a laugh with newcomer Mason Timmerman and his dad Rob. The Spence girls, Michelle and Melissa, having just finished their trick runs. Marcel Brunet and Morgan Allen set to walk onto the start dock for their trick runs. We used Marcels Sanger for the slalom event and 2nd jump boat. Morgan Allen is Bram Alllen’s dad…Bram took 3rd place in Open trick

Steve and Shelley Keating took a free elevator ride to watch Terry in action.

The banquet was superb with great food, short speeches, some good laughs, competition videos played in the background and awards kept short. The overall medals were awarded at the ski site where in attendance were hundreds of friends of the Williams, followed by a great band and dance, fireworks and ski video being played off the side of the workshop with hundreds taking in the barefooting spectacle. Did I mention helicopter rides in the afternoon?

George Weekes was crowned Canadian champion, winning all 3 events and Becky Moynes took her rightful place at the top. This is a very proud moment for Mike Spence, VP Barefoot skiing Ontario, and the Weekes and Moynes families whose contributions have enhanced barefoot skiing in Ontario and Canada.

The dance following the awards…you can see on the right, tourney barefoot runs projected on the workshop.

Mike Spence, Becky Moynes and George Weekes

The Moynes Family

One final note about Becky Moynes and the hosts, Michelle and Dwight Williams. What a wonderful time had by all! Becky got the ball rolling, handled all the organization, skied, worked as an official and tourney director, and won in all aspects. Dwight is living large and created a spectacle unmatched. Thanks again for making this happen.

By: Duane Godfrey

The 2013 Barefoot Nationals Update

Friday, June 21st, 2013

The 2013 Barefoot Nationals are quickly approaching!  The tournament will be held at Mossdale Quarry Lakes . Here are some updates:

The tournament has been shortened by one day– the new dates are August 15-17.

Host hotel:   Comfort Suites in Oakley, California. Book your rooms early as you can– the room rate is $99.00 a night. The hotel is about 35 minutes from the site.

Airport info: San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento, all within 75 minutes. I would check all four for flights, because sometimes there’s a big difference in price. Sacramento has the least amount of traffic, almost none. The other three just depend on the time of day. The traffic is heaviest between 2 PM – 8 PM.

Theresa Wallace will perform a 100-mph barefoot run on Saturday, August 17 after the jump event.  The company will be doing some filming during the tournament.

Wednesday 14 – Site familiarization 9 AM – 4 PM
Wednesday 14 ABC Board Meeting Jerry’s House 8 AM – 4 PM
Thursday 15 – 1st day of tournament
Friday 16 – 2nd day of tournament
Saturday 17 – Final day of tournament

Running order of events: 2013 Barefoot Nationals Schedule
Friday 16 Jerry & Tracy Wedding Jerry’s house 7 PM
Saturday 17 Awards Banquet and Dinner
4 – Sanger DXII  Barefooter with Super Fly High
3 Boats Pulling a skier 50 plus miles per hour

Click Here and Select on Nationals to Register

Registration Deadline:
August 7, 2013 and then penalty of $10.00/day

Host Hotel:
Comfort Suites – Oakley
5549 Bridgehead Road
Oakley, CA  94561
Phone: (925) 755-1222
Fax: (925) 755-1221
Brentwood Community Center
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
San Jose (SJC) Oakland (OAK)
San Francisco (SFO) Sacramento (SMF)
For more information:
Jerry Kanawyer

Sponsorship opportunities available :

Tournament Sponsor -$7,500

Tournament named after sponsor

Logo on all media and website

Logo on Event Shirt

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Booth to display product

Banners displayed throughout event

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Presentation of awards

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Platinum Sponsor – $5,000

Flight with a Patriot’s Jet Team Pilot

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Gold Sponsor – $2,500

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Start Dock Sponsor – $1,000 Jump Ramp Sponsor – $1,000

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Event Sponsor – $500.00

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Contact Mark Hobson @ 916-420-4957

From the ABC:

2013 U.S. Barefoot Nationals Changes Lake

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the American Barefoot Club and Local Organizing Committee (LOC), the venue for the 2013 Barefoot Water Ski National Championships has been forced to move from Diablo Shores, Brentwood, CA, to the Mossdale Quarry Lakes located at 96 W. Mossdale Rd. Lathrop, CA 95330.

The host hotel and arriving airports will remain the same. This venue is located about 35 minutes from the host hotel. Again the ABC and LOC sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this change will cause, but it is unavoidable. Unfortunately, changing the host hotel would be very costly due to the contract negotiated over a year ago and cause significant inconvenience to people who have already booked their rooms, thus the reason to keep the host hotel the same. In an effort to help competitors understand why the Nationals has undergone two substantial changes, please feel free to contact ABC President Joe Malenfant at with any of your questions. Also, the online registration is active at:


Joe Malenfant

ABC President

By: Karen Putz