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Jackson Gerard: Trick Skiing is my Favorite

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

My name is Jackson Gerard and I am 11 years old. I started barefooting last summer. My dad taught me how to get up from a knee boards which I now know is a really hard way to learn. I joined the team at World Barefoot Center last September and I love being trained by the world’s best barefooters.

Trick skiing is my favorite. Last year, I started learning how to do tumble turns, one foot stand ups and toe holds. I am working on toe up start which is worth 400 points in the competitions. That is when you have one foot in the handle and the other foot is used to get out of the water. You can’t touch the handle with your hands, they are up in the air. I will let you know when I get that skill mastered.

By: Jackson Gerard

Jackson attempts a toe up

Barefoot Water Ski TOE-UPS in the Gym

Friday, April 12th, 2013

RC Gerstad

One of the highest scoring starts in barefooting is the toehold deep-water start. I recently just started learning these and often times I found myself exhausted after only a few. I start to wonder if there was a way that I could dry land the start because that my core was sore after attempting toe ups. One day when I was at the gym I looked around at all the different machines and finally found a machine that would work perfectly to help me with my toe ups.

First you need a machine such as either of the machines above. Next, figure out the appropriate height for the adjusting pulley, typically I Place mine 3 feet off the ground. After, you have an appropriate height, determine how much weight to add to the line (it may take a little experimentation but keep in mind that the more weight you add the easier the exercise will be). Then, sit down on the ground put your foot that normally goes in the toe strap into the handle (Similar to the one in the below picture.)

After your foot is in the handle, slide back on the ground about 1.5 to 2 feet depending on tall you are. From here, you imitate the toe up start. (The picture sequence below)

As you make more and more of the stand ups, start to decrease the weight that is pulling.  A little heads up: every time I have done this at the gym some one has offered to help me up, so it may be wise to do this exercise with a partner as to avoid those kind of encounters.

RC Gerstad