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Water: The Fuel of Barefooting

Thursday, April 4th, 2013


H2O, our sport wouldn’t be possible without it! Not only do we need it to run the boats, but our bodies! Water is an extremely important nutrient for life, and especially for athletes. Two thirds of the body is made of water, making it the most important nutrient. Four days without any water and you would be dead. On average the body needs 1.5 quarts of water a day minimum. Take into consideration how hot it is or if you exercise, you will need more water because you will sweat.

Are you aware that muscles are 75% water? Research suggests that a loss of 3% of this water decreases strength by 10% and speed by 8%. Ever wonder why you have an “off” day skiing? Simply drinking water could be the simple fix!

Hydrate in advance 1-4 hours prior to a barefoot ski set or a tournament run. If you are out in the boat for a long period of time, skiing, teaching, or riding along keep drinking water and lots of it. Next time you get into a boat to ski make sure you have packed an adequate amount of water.
Many people complain they do not like water. If this is the case add a slice or lemon/lime, ginger, mint, or a splash of an herbal tea. Coffee, soda pop and alcoholic beverages do not count as water intake. It is proven that these fluids have the opposite effect and cause dehydration.

Skier Checklist:

 Wetsuit/equipment
 Sunglasses
 Sun Screen
 Hat
 Towel
 Snack
 WATER!!!!!

By: Lauren St. Onge