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Please welcome “Keynote” Speaker Keith St.Onge

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

My second grade teacher Mrs. Provencher emailed me one day.  She explained the Title 1 reading program she now directs had an open house with many activities including barefoot water skiing.  They used me and barefoot water skiing as one of their topics.  I was excited to hear this and not long afterwards Mrs. Provencher asked me if I would come up and speak to the Berlin Middle School in New Hampshire, which is where I went to school also.  I had been wanting to get into speaking part time and she was giving me a perfect opportunity to do so.  I agreed and we set the date for the middle of May.

To drum up an audience Mrs. P and I hit up seventeen classrooms before lunch and I spoke to them briefly.  I basically told them how I followed my passion and became a World Champion one day.  If they have a passion they could also follow it and do what they love! I was on stage in the auditorium for an hour and signed autographs for all the kids and adults afterwards.  Thank you Mrs. P. for your support!

Mrs. Provencher (My second grade teacher) & I

We had a huge line for autographs and everyone got a free poster!

Bruce Bunnel & wife Nicole. Bruce was with me the first time I barefoot water skied.

Line for Autographs

I remember how excited I used to be waiting for an autograph so,  I give my time to the kids and make sure everyone gets one!

My two cousins Shauna & Ryleigh

My middle school Gym teacher Mr. Enman even showed up!

My first speaking engagement went great but I was a little long winded…go figure.  There were over 200 people that were present.  We had a Question & Answer at the end and gave out free games and books.

My mother organized a get together at the Mill Yard Restaurant afterwards and it was a great night hanging out with friends and family.  My next stop was Chicago for a barefoot water ski clinic.

It was a great experience for me and I look forward to speaking to many more children!  I hope I can encourage the kids I speak to find their passion in life.

For more information on Keith speaking for you contact him through, (708) 668-2961

Keith St.Onge