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NSSA D1 & D2 National Tournament Barefoot Awards

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

The World Barefoot Center sponsored the Highest Scoring Barefoot Act Award at the 2015 Division 1 Show Ski National Tournament and also the 2015 Division 2 Show Ski National Tournament! The skiers really look forward to see who will win this award, since all teams can have the opportunity!

The 2015 Awards winners were as follows:

  • D1 award went to the Aquanut Water Shows
  • D2 award went to the Wisconsin Rapids Aqua Skiers

Congratulations from WBC to all the winners.2015 D1 & D2 Barefoot Thank you - KSO-WBC (1)

Highest Scoring Barefoot Act Award at the D1 Show Ski Nationals Tournament

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

The World Barefoot Center likes to support Show Skiing and had the honor to sponsored the Highest Scoring Barefoot Act  at the Division 1 Show Ski National Tournament.

Highest Scoring Act at the D1 Show Ski National Tournament Awarded by the World Barefoot Center

Congratulations to the Rock Aqua Jays on their huge barefoot line from Team WBC!!

Kailey Koehler: Show Skiing

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Competitive barefooting is a very important part of my life and it has been for the past six years.  I truly enjoy traveling all around the world and competing against my friends from all over the world.  Barefooting is a very competitive sport and it consumes most of my summer, however, I am also involved with a show ski team called the Aquanut Water Shows which is out of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.  Most people choose one sport of the other, however, I have chosen to do both show skiing and barefooting.  Doing both sports can be seen as a balancing act that comes with a lot of decisions, but  I enjoy both of them and there is no way I could choose one over the other.  

I have been on the Aquanuts since I was 6 years old.  They have become a second family to me.  I have worked very hard to become a versatile member of our team and I try to do a little bit of everything including the following: ballet line, swivel, pre-fabricated pyramids, doubles, swivel, barefooting, and final pyramid.  Every act is different which is why I love running from act to act.  It can be very tiring, but in the end the thrill of performing for friends and family is irresistible.  Although I absolutely hate the makeup that comes along with show skiing, it is worth it in the end and it usually comes off when I barefoot. 
Both barefooting and show skiing are very important to me and I plan on continuing to compete in both sports.  They are both very different types of skiing but they are equally fun and entertaining.  I have had the honor of competing on team USA for barefooting, and for the first time I will be competing on the team USA show ski team  next September in Janesville, Wisconsin.  I am privileged to be on both of these teams and I can not wait to see where the future of these sports bring me. 
By: Kailey Koehler

Joey Tombers: Show Skiing and Barefooting

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

When I first started show skiing it was looked at as an opportunity to ski more and learn about the sport of waterskiing. That is about when I heard about barefooting and three event tournaments. These really got me motivated to advance in the sport and make it a passion.

I ski with the Twin Cities River Rats in Minnesota and the support from the team in my barefooting adventure is unreal. I am always getting congratulated and they are always helping me get better at what I do even if it is as simple as boat time. Show skiing is also a time to show off, as the name implies, the skills that my team and I have put together for an audience. I think that is the big difference between barefooting and show skiing. I barefoot for myself and rely on only me for everything I do in order to beat myself in my goals and overcome obstacles. I show ski for the crowd and entertainment of others while also relying on my team to put on a good show.

What is not different about either sport is the passion that the skiers have for what they do. All I can say is that in every other sport I have played the mission is to tear each other down and beat the other person but in any form of waterskiing I have competed in, it is the exact opposite; the mission is to help each other reach to their full potential.

By: Joey Tombers

Barefooting in Backwater

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

We met Carlos Barreto on Facebook and once he found out about us doing the tour he was interested in doing a clinic.  Carlos joined the Backwater Gamblers Show Ski Team this spring.  Their site sits on the Rock River in Moline, IL other wise known as the Quad cities.  Carlos is a very animated man and you can see his enthusiasm when he talks about barefoot water skiing.

Barefooting Crew!

The first morning was sweet and Carlos Barreto started it off.  Pure glass water the length of the river.  He did his tumble turns and a few one foots.  I then put him on WBC shoe skis and we worked one foot one hands in preparation for toe holds.

Emily Buckwalter is a nineteen year old that skis on the Gamblers.  Her goal was to learn how to barefoot for the first time.  Well, she said she did it before but we made her do a deep water start, which may be a little more difficult at first but it is a stepping stone for the five foot.  She accomplished a deep start on shoe skis and later achieved her goal on standing on her feet.  Great job Emily!

Emily on ShoesEmily on her BARE FEET!

Jason Kauzlarich supplied the boat and he had been foot’n for many years.  In the afternoon the wind blew up so hard we had to go to the backwaters of the Mississippi.  Before going there Jason learned tumble turns for the first time and they were flawless.

Tumble Turn!

That afternoon we headed out to the Mississippi, which was a treat for Lauren and I.  We got the full tour and was able to see the casinos in the backwaters of the Mississippi and Arsenal Island where they make armored doors for tanks and humvees.  We were only able to find a small strip of somewhat smooth water so we did what we could.

Pat Baret got up backwards for the first time on shoes skis.  Oh, did I mention he got the boat driver completely soaked!  Haha  It was funny seeing everyone scurry for shelter when the down pour came!  Seeing people get wet in the boat is funny because they have nowhere to go!  Including the driver…ME!

We got a little damp this run!

Much Better!

James Melter came out strong from the beginning.  He is a fantastic skier with perfect form!  He went through all his basics and once he proved to me he could do what was necessary to turn he executed a perfect back to front and front to back on his feet.  We continued working his reverse turns.  His ultimate goal is to do all four turns consistently although he has done them all before.  We pounded his reverse turn and figured out a few things that would make all the difference.

Surface Turns- James

CJ Barreto, Carlos’s son came out to try barefoot water skiing for the first time.  He never wanted to go out with his father, which might have been a blessing.  Sometimes son’s have a difficult time taking instruction from their father.  I was one of them and for me it was tough because while I was trying to have fun my father was telling me what to do.  My dad told me what to do all the time, “Take out the garbage, make our bed, clean your room, etc…”  I did not want to take instruction from my father when having fun on the water.  So dad’s…be careful and try to butt out of your son’s business at the right time and place.  I went over all the steps with CJ before we took to the water.  With the help of the HeadZone helmet I was able to guide him to barefooting on his feet for the first time.  Congrats CJ!!!!

Cj barefooting!

Jason’s brother Jake  Kauzlarich came out and he has the same story as CJ.  Never footed before! We were able to get him on the five-foot extension after one set on the boom.  Hats off to you brother!

Yay! Sweet Jake!

The only guy we know that Smiles while falling!

Last but not least was my buddy Matthew Becker.  He is the social butterfly on the Backwater Gamblers ski team and is always smiling!  He came out to have a little fun with the boys and was able to do a deep-water start on shoe skis and on his feet off the extension.

Oh Yeah!

Thank you to the Backwater Gamblers for allowing us to stay at you ski site!  A big thanks to Carlos for organizing this whole thing! Keep skiing!

By: Keith St.Onge & Lauren Lindeman