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Georgia Groen: Barefooting with Sanger Boats

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

I first skied behind a Sanger DXII in 2008, since then I have never looked back. It is a boat that is specially made for barefoot waterskiing and just stunning to ski behind. Sangers are best known for the perfect wake that it makes for the slalom event. The best thing that I like about the Sanger wake is that when you cross it, it doesn’t feel like you are actually crossing a wake at all! It is so smooth that I can just glide across it not having to worry about bumps that could put you off balance or make you fall. This type of wake increases the confidence of the skiers because it means that there are less things to go wrong, thus the performance of skiers increases as well.

 Sanger Boats have been the official tournament boat of the past 3 World Championships. It is a boat that is all about performance for the skier and driver. Not only does it have a fantastic wake, it is also very nice to drive. My favorite thing about the Sanger I have apart form the wake, is the perfect pass system. This was awesome for when I was learning to drive the boat, all I had to do was enter the speed and then I could just focus on steering, it also came very use full when I am coaching people because it means I don’t have to worry about going the right speed and I can spend more time coaching the skier.

 Another thing that is good about the Sanger DXII is that it can equip anything a barefooter needs. For example they are very easy to put a boom onto and also the pylon makes a Super High Fly easy to attach and use. There are so many different attachments you can get with these Sangers to suit different peoples wants and needs, whether it be a stereo, depth finder, Perfect pass, clock etc.

Overall, I believe that the Sanger DXII is the best barefoot boat there is. It’s a boat that is enjoyable to ski behind and drive, perfect for any skier.

By:  Georgia Groen