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Will Rhea: Crossfit for Barefooting

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

I have always been very active and I love sports. My two favorite sports are basketball and barefooting, but I have also played football. My parents have been sending me to Clint Cox, trainer and owner of Do Work Training, for two years now to help me with my athletic performance. I go two days a week, and do crossfit type workouts.

These workouts can get tough, but they have helped me with things like my overall strength, agility, and my vertical jump. I have noticed a huge improvement in all three categories since I started working out with Clint.

I have been working on my toe-ups for barefooting this past year, and struggled slightly getting up. I had to rock forward a little too much. I told Clint about it, & he showed me an exercise to help make my toe-ups a lot easier. It is called a pistol squat (squat on one leg, while holding the other leg straight out in front of you). I started out in a chair, then went lower and lower until I could do it on the ground. After doing pistol squats for a couple of weeks, my toe-ups were easier than ever!

It was an awesome feeling to improve at something as a result of my extra workouts. I would recommend cross fit type training to all athletes, of all ages and abilities. It really helps to prepare your body to do what you need it to do, in whatever sport you love!

By: Will Rhea