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Keith St. Onge Tricks 13,100 Points

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

The World Barefoot Center team rocked the PGA tournament in Port St. Lucie. Keith St. Onge tricked 13,100 points but his runs did not go through as a pending world record after the tournament officials reviewed it.  David Small was right behind him with 12,500.  USA Water Ski posted an article: St.Onge barefoot skis over 13,000 points but is not a pending world record after review.

This was the first tournament for World Barefoot Center sponsored skier, Chandler Cargile.

A.J. Porreca joined the 10,000 Club (one of only five skiers!)– he tricked 10,100 and slalomed 16.4.

Ben Groen (New Zealand) tricked a personal best of 8,200, setting a new (pending) record for New Zealand.

Ben LaFrance (Canada) tricked 5,600 and slalomed 14.0.

Swampy Bouchard, the World Barefoot Center coach, summed it up: “I am so proud of our team yesterday at the PGA tourney in South Florida, we had 10 team skiers including Chandler Cargile– who entered his first ever tournament. The team yesterday posted 12 PB’s, two pending world records, a pending New Zealand record, broke the 13,000 point mark for the first time in history, and had the 5th skier in the history of the sport to break past 10,000 points.”