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Carol Jackson: My First Impressions of Barefoot Water Skiing

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

I was on vacation at a hotel on Lake Jackson in Sebring with my family and friends. We had a fish and ski boat at the time which we slalomed and tricked behind. Another family pulled up to the beach with a brand new Nautique. “Wow, what a ski boat!” we thought.

The next morning, we saw a few guys load up in the Nautique and off they went bare footing on the boom. My husband, Tom was intrigued– he always wanted to learn. We began talking to the footers upon their return to the beach. They were more than willing to teach  Tom to barefoot. I went along for the ride.

The two brothers one who owned the boat went first.He acted like he was going off to war! He grunted and groaned and stretched, finally getting in the water, with his brother egging him on. He took a few runs and got back in the boat looking exhausted. The other brother jumped in and showed off some tumble turns and one foots. Ooh, I thought, he must be good.

My husband took a turn . He was able to get up after tumbling around a few times. He was pumped! Then they suggested I take a turn. How hard could it be? I agreed to try. They gave me their daughter’s suit . “Swing yourself around and set your feet in gently,” they said. During my first attempts, I rode on my back with my feet facing the sky. I knew I had to tweak my technique because the “dead cockroach” position was not working for me.

On the next try, I thought, “This it I am just going to stand up!” I slammed my feet into the water. At this point, I became “Rocket Girl.” I was airborne, my scrunchie took flight from my pony tail and soared thru the air.

I was in the air long enough to think, this landing is not going to be good.  Crash, flip,flip, flip, upside down , under the water, just hoping to surface in one piece! I took a breath and made sure all my limbs were attached and moving. The boat came back to me . They looked relieved when I said I was okay, especially Tom.

That was enough of that, those guys were trying to kill me. They had to be going 40 MPH. I was glad to go back to my bass boat and strap on a slalom ski. I did not attempt to barefoot again until two years later.

Carol Jackson