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Joey Tombers: My First Time Barefooting

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

​I have been skiing ever since I was about three years old. I could ski on one ski and slalom around by the time I was eight. The only thing keeping me from barefooting was the lack of knowledge; I didn’t even know that you could barefoot, and how to actually do it that was a big mystery to me.

​This all changed when I was twelve years old sitting on the dock and saw a neighbor sitting on a kneeboard saying “okay.” That is when the boat took off and before I knew it he was standing on his bare feet skiing. Wow! That’s awesome! I thought.

​Five minutes later I had my kneeboard begging my dad to pull me. He gave in. Next thing you know, I was up and footin’ and then I was down. I tried it a few times every time I could get out–skiing to the point where I could do a full circle around the lake. Barefooting around the lake– that’s all I knew was even possible.

I wish I had known barefooting was a competitve thing and all the possibilities in the sport at an even younger age.

Joey Tombers