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Ten Back Barefooting in Madison

Monday, June 24th, 2013

On Father’s Day, June 16, twelve guys slipped into the water to get ready to barefoot backwards. The plan was for eleven of them to flip around on a ski and step off. Paul Stokes planned to step off and do a front-to-back. It took four attempts, one dislocated shoulder (Bob Mahnke left in an ambulance) and one fall, but ten guys barefooted backwards for what may be a World Record.

The stunt was the brainchild of Jeff Jacobson. “The purpose of this was for a Mad-City Team record,” said Jeff. “Everyone involved is either on the team, an alumni or from Madison. The average age of the guys was 43, ranging from the youngest at 32 to the oldest at 55.”

The boat crew contributed to the successful run with Don Heilman at the wheel, Dan Jaworski handling all the ropes and Sue Heilman capturing the photos.

The back barefoot team: Jeff Tash, Jim Larson, Paul Stokes, Eric Schulz, Kirk Schulz, Dan Wang, Scott Hamele, Beau Urban, Bob Mahnke, Michael Nowicki, and Scott Solberg.

Whether the ten-man line counts as a World Record or not is up for debate and subject to the Water Ski Federation approval. Thirty years ago at Sea World in Texas, a ten-man back barefoot line was recorded in this photograph:

Written by: Karen Putz