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Lexi McCauley: Learning to Barefoot Longline Before My First Tournament

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014


The summer of 2012 was the year I started to get up on the five foot line and also when I hit the goose! On a week night in June, we went out to barefoot. I was practicing three point stances and sit down-stand ups. I was on the ski platform when my dad said to us, “Well, let’s make a deal.” My dad said to my brother, sister, and I if we were interested in going to the 2012 U.S. Barefoot Waterskiing Nationals in Texas I had to get up long line. He would take all of us to Texas if I did it.

My brother Zac said to me, “Lexi, you better start long lining.”

Syd said, “Yeah we want to go to Texas.”

I started on the five foot line by starting on a wake board. Riding the three point stance and waiting till the speed is right. I would stand up and the wake board would slip out and away I would go. After the next couple of times out, my dad started adding extensions to the boom. I was up to two extensions plus the five foot handle now at twenty-five feet off the boom. My dad said, “Let’s go 75 feet.”

The first time long lining, my dad put the line on the boom. I started on the wake board outside the wake. After two-three times, I did my first deep water start on the seventy-five foot off the boom. Then it was time to take on the bubble in the middle. As long as my dad gave me a little s-curve, I could slide out the wake. I only weighed about sixty-five pounds and skied at twenty-seven mph and cheeking out was hard for me because the wake was wide and big.

The first tournament I planned on skiing was two weeks away, Wisconsin’s Chick Fest 2012. Next time out, my dad put me back on the boom, I was thinking I should be practicing cheeking out. The next two or three times out all I did was edged out to the right away from the boat then away from wake. The Tuesday before the tournament it was kind of windy and we went out to ski, which we never did if it was too windy. We were just going out for me to ski. I skied up and down the lake in the choppy water, edging back and forth which was not fun. The next night, I was told to just to cheek out to the right as far as possible and stand up in the middle and ski out. So I yelled “in gear,” waited till the rope was tight and I said “okay.” Away I went. I edged over, stood up, and skied out with no problem. My first tournament was Saturday and I had only long lined from the middle maybe six times. I was going to a tournament!

Lexi McCauley

Lexi McCauley: My First Deepwater Start

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

One morning about three years ago, my family and I woke up to ski. Everyone shouted out the rotation. Being the youngest, I got third in the rotation. We all hurried to get the boat ready because we always try to be the first ones on the water. My brother, Zac, was up to ski first. After his set was my sister Sydney, she had an awesome ski. It was my turn so I quickly jumped in and switched the handles. I didn’t know how to deep water start. I had to start using a wakeboard without shoes.

After a couple of short passes, my dad said it was time to give him the wakeboard. The goal my dad told me was to do a deep water start and make it my personal best distance. My mom always gets us a candy bar if we do something new. All I was thinking was deep water start (1 candy bar) and a personal best distance (2 candy bars). I put my toes on the rope, head back, pushed my hips up, stayed stiff and blew air out my noise. My dad started with a nice slow start and told me to get in my three point stance just like the wakeboard. After lightly planting my feet, I was riding my three point stance and skiing down the lake. I was too scared to look forward. My eyes were on my dad. He told me to look forward and suddenly I saw a flock of geese in my ski path. Later he said, he didn’t want to do anything drastic and the geese always fly away. I looked right back at my dad with wide eyes. All the geese swam away except for one. That goose was right in my ski path. I didn’t see it until I came out the front. I held onto the handle not letting go because I was afraid the goose would have hurt me since I hit it.

After the boat slowed down, I looked back and saw the goose swim up to shore. I jumped onto the platform and told my family that I hit a goose and I am done! They laughed at me. My dad told me to complete one more pass. Of course, I did! It was a successful, 2 candy bars day! My Aunt Tina went after me and she didn’t hit a goose. She had a better run than I did, but I had a better story. I couldn’t stop thinking about that goose. I look at geese differently now and my nickname has been Goose since that day.

Lexi McCauley

Lexi McCauley: Discovering a Love for Barefoot Water Skiing

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Hi! I am Lexi McCauley from Ohio. This is my first blog. When I was younger, barefooting was not really my thing. I usually would go to the front of the boat and sleep. I found out later that my family was having fun barefooting. I was inspired to join in the fun and barefoot by watching my dad, Mark; brother, Zac; sister, Syd; and Aunt Tina.

I am now part of the fun and the fun is exciting. It is understood on Fridays we have to pack the boat, car, and clothes. We get ready to go so we can leave when my dad comes home from work. We have a cabin at Berlin Lake and spend every weekend possible there. We also try to get to the lake at least two times during the week. We get up early to get out on the water. It’s before the sun rises! We beat the fishermen many mornings and we are usually the first barefooting boat out. On the boat, we call dibs on the running order for our ski rotation. Because I am the youngest, I always get to go first but my dad said that will soon change. My dad is always last. Zac, Syd, and Aunt Tina have to fight it out often playing rock, paper, scissors. We ski until the jet skiers tubers come out. Sometimes it is 9:30 am or sometimes it is noon. The best part is we are always welcomed back to the cabin, whatever time it maybe, to my mom with a big breakfast for us. Going to the cabin has always been a family tradition. Now that I barefoot, I can be part of the new family barefooting tradition.

Lexi McCauley