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Will Rhea: My First Barefoot Tournament

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

My Dad taught me to barefoot water ski when I was 7 years old.  I loved to play around on the boom and try new things.  Wakeboarding was my favorite though, until I discovered the cool barefooting videos on YouTube.  By the time I was 10,  I was watching barefooting videos all of the time, and wanted to try everything I saw in those videos.

My sister and I became interested in learning 3 event last summer, while watching the WBC livestream of Nationals and Worlds in Texas.  We decided to go to the WBC to learn how to do it.  We spent 10 days there this summer.  The WBC instructors taught us so much, my sister and I decided to try our first tournament at the end of July.
The tournament was the Southern Regionals, and it was held at Lake David, in Groveland, Florida.  At first I was a little nervous, but it got better after I watched a few competitors skiing.  It also helped that my sister, Lizzie, went before me.
I did the slalom event first.  I scored a 7 doing front one foot slalom.  I had not learned to go on one foot backwards yet, so I did the back slalom on two feet.  My total score was an 8.5.

The next event was tricks.  I fell getting up, but was very lucky that the judges gave me a re-ride.  I did a forward and a backwards run, doing all of the tricks I had learned, in time.  My score in tricks was a 1500.  After tricks, we took a break and ate pizza.

Next, it was time for jumping.  I had just learned to jump the day before the tournament, so I was a little nervous.  I missed the first jump, but landed the second.  I tried to go big on the third one, but missed again.  I ended up with a 7.9 in jump, but everyone congratulated me.

After the tournament, Mr. Mike Holtz treated everyone to dinner at a Mexican restaurant down the street.  It was awesome, and everyone was so nice.  I enjoyed the Southern Regionals very much, and plan to go back.  My first tournament was a great experience, and I look forward to many more.