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Lauren St. Onge: Barefoot Water Ski Competition

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

After the Worlds Championships in Mulwala, Australia Keith and I travel around Australia teaching barefoot clinics.  I have the pleasure of meeting numerous people and skiing with them at their home ski sites.  It was a wonderful experience!  Through my conversations with many of the new barefooters I have discovered a common negative thoughts towards competitions and uneasy feelings.

I am writing this to clarify a few things, not only for the Aussies but for everyone around the world who enjoys the sport.  PLEASE don’t be intimidated by the title. To be honest barefoot tournaments (for the majority) are an opportunity to be scored by judges and to better your own skiing, compared to where you started or your previous score.  If you can do a barefoot start and ski behind the boat, that is 50 points!  Lifting one hand off the handle to wave at the judges is 10 points.  Sitting down and standing back up is 20 points.  Are you getting it?  Many of you are more than qualified to ski a competition and I encourage you to do so.

Did you know for slalom you are allowed do two forwards passes?  I overheard a new skier claim he wasn’t good enough because he wasn’t consistent on his back deeps therefore he couldn’t enter slalom.  GO FORWARD 2x!  Work your way up to a forward and backwards pass.

Most of the videos posted on YouTube are of high-level skiers, this is by no means what you should compare yourself to when starting to ski.

Test it out!  Enter, ski, learn, and have fun.  Keith St. Onge preaches that the more tournaments you ski the better off you will be.  Each competition will give you more knowledge of what to expect the next time and you will excel, I promise!

The judges are helpful and friendly (well most of them, hehe) Let them and others know it is your first time, I am sure they will be more than happy to help you any way they can.  Our sport is diminishing and the fear of comps are not helping.  Get your bum out there and have some fun!
Lauren St. Onge

Want to Volunteer at a Barefoot Water Ski Tournament?

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Attention all barefoot skiers and supporters.   We need your help!  Are you aware of how many volunteers are needed to put on a tournament?  Answer: more than we have!

In the past few years Mike Holt has put together judging, scoring, homologating, driving and safety clinics, get involved we NEED you!  There is no need to be a skier in order to help.  If you are a skier, the more knowledgeable you will be about how tournaments are run.

What is the right fit for you?  Here are some bullet points that might give you a little more incite.

  • Are you precise? Love to measure things? Homologation is for you!
  • Do you have a good eye and an awareness of the rules?  Think about judging, tricks, slalom and even jump.
  • Hanging out on shore, looking over score sheets and marking with red pen, this sounds like a teachers job.  Scorer is easy and done in a groupJ
  • Are you a good swimmer, nurse, or paramedic?  Our tournaments can’t happen without a Safety person on site.
  • Do you like to sit in the drivers seat?  Are you a good listener for instructions and drive skiers as asked?  Any drivers out there?

Please let someone in your region know if you are interested in pursuing any of the suggestion above. Contact information for regions can be found here: Regional Directors. We will send you in the right direction and get you going on becoming certified to help!  This summer, Mike Holt has many USA clinics planned in Florida. Visit his website at Barefoot Water-Ski.  Contact Mike at mike (at) and sign up.  Everyone is invited!   Mark your calendars–we would love to see you!

Sunday June 29th– Scorers Clinic

July 11th– Driver Clinic

July 25th– Level 2 Judges Clinic

Lauren St. Onge

Lauren St. Onge: Team USA at the 2014 Barefoot World Championships

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Skiers and supporters flew from all over the country to meet up in Las Angeles to begin our journey as a team to Australia. After 16 hours of flying we arrived in Melbourne. After collecting our MASSIVE amounts of luggage we loaded up the vehicles and were on our way to Yarrowanga Mulwala.

Driving on the left side of the road, and the driver on the right was a little chaotic getting out of the city but eventually we all made it. Everyone had clean windshield’s that’s for sure! Hehe I will explain. 90% of the time the driver meant to turn on the directional the windshield wipers would swish back and forth a few times, obviously these controls being on opposite sides took some getting use to.

We arrived safely unpacked, had some dinner and slept through the night. Kangaroo burgers anyone? The final consensus is that the typical aussie have never even tasted a bite of roo. All the Americans had a little and everyone seemed to enjoy the flavor of the meat.

Training began the first day on perfect water conditions, sunny skies, and smooth boats, a skiers dream. A couple more days of practice and then the tournament began!

Our supporters spent all day in the sun cheering and whistling on the skiers. Tan lines were the least of our worries hehe Oh tourists!

The USA team is extremely fortunate to have so much interest in barefoot waterskiing. We want to give a shout out to all our sponsors for the ski products you provided.

Barefoot International gear bags carried our barefoot equipment across the world:
Liquid Distribution/Ten-80 had everyone looking patriotic in the red white and blue board shorts.

Wood-Ya Eyewear kept our eyes protected from the sun and of course looking fly with the unique wood floating sunnies.

Venus supported our ladies with dresses giving a feminine twist to the opening ceremonies.

We can’t thank you enough for your support. We are truly grateful that you made the effort to sponsor the USA Skiers.

By: Lauren St. Onge

Barefoot Water Skiing in MEXICO!!

Thursday, January 30th, 2014


This was the first barefoot water ski destination trip ever and this is a trip you don’t want to miss in the future!!

After I did a clinic this past March in Mexico with Juan Carlos and Gustavo I knew I had to return!!  It was one of the best trips I had taken with awesome food, perfect weather and glass conditions every day…no lie!!

Our host Juan Carlos barefooting backwards

There isn’t a lot of Mexican barefooters (yet) so Juan Carlos invited me back down but asked if I could bring a few people with in order to help support the clinic.  We arranged a week in November, put a schedule of events together and organized a week of fun that included: Fly Boarding, barefooting, tourist trip to the town of Taxco, eating out and other local venues to see and explore.

I expressed to everyone that this trip would be a “relaxed barefoot clinic.”  This clinic wasn’t going to be pressed for time, we would start a bit later than usual, lunch wasn’t served till 3pm and we would enjoy the surroundings and live in the moment.  This is exactly how most Mexicans live and it was something I needed to learn and practice along with other busy businessmen.

I invited several people on this trip and the guys that decided to give it a go were Lee Stone, Don Stoppe, Glen Kinnear and Jimmy Stone.  My wife Lauren accompanied us and Juan Carlos’s wife Edith was so gracious to pick us all up from Mexico City airport.

The night or our arrival: L-R, Gus, Glen, Don, Juan, Jimmy, Keith & Lee

Here is how our schedule went:

Arrive in Mexico City on Nov. 10th, late morning or early afternoon.

Drive to Tequesquitengo on the 10th    (2 hours depending on traffic)

This trip is about the “experience, culture and relaxation.”  Nobody is in a hurry in Mexico.  Lunch is typically around 3pm, a siesta and late dinners similar to Europe.  Instruction will be from Keith St. Onge and four sets per day is not our priority, purpose or guaranteed.  This clinic will a two set or three set kind of clinic.  There will be plenty of skiing to do.  The sets may be slightly shorter or longer depending on the weather, physical ability and number of skiers.  Some days we may have seven skiers and other days we may have four or less.  I also want this trip to be fun and relaxing.  This will be a stress free and fun environment.

There will be internet/wifi available at Gustavo’s house, which will be one of the homes used for Lodging.

Nov. 11th

Wake up at 7am-ish Central Time

Eat breakfast, leave at 8am-ish (20min.) drive to site.  The ride is a great experience, seeing how people live off the land in Mexico.  Very poor area’s but amazing to witness.  Horses and donkeys are used to transport local crops.
For more info visit this link.

Put boat in the water and begin skiing at 9am or earlier or later.  One or two mornings we will do a Mexican style breakfast at the site.

Jimmy Stone enjoying his 1st run in Mexico

Lauren St.Onge relaxing while foot'n in Mexico

Don Stoppe foot'n with his sunglasses on.

Everyone skis two sets and we have a late lunch around 2-3pm, which is customary in Mexico

Everyone skis one set and we leave at 5pm or earlier or later.

The two homes used for lodging are on a beautiful lake that is very populated and busy.  We will not be skiing there.  The site we are skiing on will be private to us with no other motorboats. It has shorelines like our lakes in Florida.  No back wash and great for wind protection.  I can just about guarantee glassy conditions based on my first trip there.

At the end of the day Don pays the Mariachi Band to play some Mexican music for us.

Nov. 12th

Wake up at 7am or earlier and leave at 7:30 for breakfast at the lake.

Ski at 9am-ish

Lunch at 2-3pm

Leave at 5pm-ish

Pina coladas with fresh Pineapple & coconut milk (Rum optional)

Nov. 13th

Touring Day

9am – FlyBoarding

Lauren taught local Mexican lady how to water ski for the 1st time and Jimmy Stone enjoying the FlyBoarding in the back ground!

Don Stoppe getting ready for a rib shot, ouch!

Visit local Pyramids, and then drive to the city of Taxco, which is known for their Silver mining.  Silver can be found very reasonable here.  I explain this town like Greece without the ocean.  The city is built on the side of a mountain overlooking the valley below. Beautiful!

The crew visiting the local Pyramids

Mexican barefoot water skier Juan Carlos giving us the tour of the Pyramids

Nov. 14th

Wake up at 7am or early or later

Eat breakfast

Leave at 8am

Ski at 9am

Lunch 2-3pm

Leave at 5-ish

Pick up Coco’s to hydrate and visit the Estate of wealthy Cane Sugar owner.  Dinner was amazing with a beautiful atmosphere!

Awesome Dinner at the old sugar cane factory

Glen Kinnear loving the warm weather!!

Nov. 15th

Wake up at 7am

Leave at 7:30am

Eat breakfast at the lake at 8am

Ski at 9am – 9:30am

Lunch at 2-3pm

Finish at 5pm-ish

Pure glass everyday!!

Lee Stone striking a pose after enjoying a relaxing message!

Nov. 16th

Fly home early afternoon or evening

Time to head home

To say the least this trip was well organized and a compete SUCCESS!!  We plan on doing this trip again in November and possibly twice a year if we have the demand.  So, if you are interested please contact the World Barefoot Center, inquire and put your name on the list.

Private instructor: Keith St. Onge

Keith St. Onge coaching in Mexico

Thank you Gustavo for the amazing dinner on your terrace over looking the lake!!

Gustavo Barefoot water skiing backwards in Mexico

After the clinic in Tequesquitengo we said our good byes to Lee, Jim, Don and Glen.  Lauren and I along with Gustavo and his girlfriend Fernanda drove two hours South to Acapulco.  We met Juan Carlos and his wife Edith there.  The plan was to search for a barefoot paradise on one of the local lagoons.  We heard about some great places there and thought it would be a great place to host a clinic in the future.

We went up and down the coast and found many lagoons that would work out but the wind always blows off the ocean around noon.  This would hinder our plan to barefoot all day.  We then found a spot that has wakeboard boats and my next favorite thing to do on the water after barefoot water skiing is wake surfing.  It’s so fun because it’s slow pace, the falls don’t hurt, smooth water is not required and you can load the boat up with people.

My plan is to barefoot water ski in the morning, have lunch and then wake surf in the afternoon.  If this is something you want to be a part of please contact the World Barefoot Center or private message me on FaceBook.  I’m looking for four people that would be interested in this trip.

Here is one of the places we stayed at, which is only a ten minute drive from the site.

Lauren St. Onge relaxing in the infinity pool in Acapulco

Keith St. Onge taking it all in while in Acapulco Mexico

By: Keith St.Onge

What to Expect When Visiting the World Barefoot Center

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

What can you expect when visiting the World Barefoot Center Ski School?

There is a good chance you will be greeted by smiling faces and a few licks from our furry, friendly dogs of course.  Boats, trailers, and cars will fill the driveway, no worries go ahead and park in the grass, everybody is doing it.

Wetsuits, padded shorts, heater shirts, and swimsuits will lined up hanging on the side of the carport.  Under the dripping we ski equipment are gas cans, lots of them.  Take a sharp right and you will see our Bunk house/laundry room.  Some students stay for a few nights and other months/years.  Continuing on into the screened in porch through the sliding glass door you have now arrived into the ski school house!

Go ahead and add your flip-flops to the massive pile.  If a boat crew isn’t out on the water, there is a good chance a group is in the living room watching video from that morning/evening/ day before critiquing the technique and talking about ways to perfect it.

If Swampy is around he will not be afraid to chime in and give his two cents.  Haha.  Swampy has been around this sport a long time; advice from him is nothing you want to ignore.

Moving along you can admire the humongous WBC logo that is painted on the wall.  A painting of Keith St. Onge and David Small barefooting fill up the rest of the wall.  Lining the ceiling is a band of flags from all over the world.  Skiers like to see their home county flag hanging at the ski school.  The best part of the house in my personal opinion is the signature wall.  Wowie it is getting full!  Over the last 3 years we have had every skier at WBC sign the wall.  We have young, old, first timers, professionals, and everything in-between.

Magazine covers, medals, photos and other memorabilia are spread out throughout the house, giving it a true ski school vibe. It is quite a sight to see.

Heading outside once again just a short walk across the lawn you will find the Pro Shop.  More medals and trophies glisten in the room.  The aroma of neoprene fills the air.  Circle racks filled with brand new barefoot suits, a variety of colors, styles, sizes.  T-shirts flourish in the display cubes, stickers, books, jewelry, ropes handles hats and anything else a barefooter wants is in the Pro Shop.

Step out into the sunlight and take a walk down the dock to see the beautiful Lake Conine.  The boat will be at the dock waiting to be used or buzzing down the shoreline with skiers learning new things.

Come and see for yourself! Take a ski or just visit us and say hello all are welcome at the World Barefoot Center.

Lauren St. Onge

10 Proteins Which Build Muscles

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


After hard-core ski set, long run, or lifting at the gym do you find yourself scooping up protein powder and mixing up a concoction to refuel and build muscle?  You are among the majority of the “health conscience” that has been captured by the marketing gurus of these protein products.  I challenge you to take the time to actually read the ingredients of this muscle “building” powder.  

Chemical sweeteners such as Aspartame, saccharin, fructose, and artificial colors are common ingredients on protein powder labels. These are toxic (especially Aspartame) and do your body no favors in the short or long term.

Are you aware that protein powders are processed like crazy?!?! There are two main reasons why this is a problem. First of all when we consume processed foods such as protein powders, our bodies don’t actually recognize it as food. The body gets confused. It searches for the missing nutrients and will leech them from your body’s own reserves. These reserves are typically BONES! Secondly the act of processing involves the inclusion of extra man-made ingredients that are usually synthetic, chemicals, toxic and harmful to the body.

The digestive system goes through havoc! Being so highly processed, your body has a hard time breaking down and absorbing protein powders. What we don’t absorb is excreted from the body via the kidneys, which means that if you consume a lot of protein powder, you will be excreting it and putting a lot of pressure on your hard-working kidneys. Many protein powders are also made from whey protein (a dairy isolate), which is highly acidic.

  Chemical sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin, fructose, and artificial colors are common ingredients on protein powder labels. These are toxic (especially aspartame) and do your body no favors in the short or long term.

 According to Dr. Michael Colgan, U.S. Olympic athlete advisor, the maximum amount of extra muscle an athlete can build in a year is 8lbs.  That calculates to .3oz a day.  Muscle is made up of only 22% protein, which means an increased consumption of less than a tenth of an ounce is needed to bring about the greatest possible muscle gain!

If you do feel that you are in need of extra protein, look into eating more of the following in addition to varied whole foods diet:

1. Spirilina

2. Bee Pollen

3. Maca

4. Hemp

5. Quinoa

6. Dried Beans

8. Pumpkin Seeds

9. Peanut/Almond Butter

10. Eggs

Lauren St. Onge: Tournament Time!

Monday, October 21st, 2013

>Are you ready to enter a barefoot tournament? If you can do a deepwater start and stand up for a second, the answer is YES!!! There is no need to know how to do fancy tricks, surface turns, or backwards barefoot. Typically tournaments are fairly low key and are a test against ones self to do better than the last time. Beat that “PB” Personal Best!

The atmosphere at tournament is a fabulous experience. Not only do you meet and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow footers, you can learn from them too. Watch trick runs, discuss slalom techniques, and quiz each other on rules. Everyone is cheering for on another and is always ecstatic to have a new skier! When I say everyone I don’t only mean the people on shore, also the judges in the boat, drivers and videographers. We all want everyone to fall in love with the sport we all enjoy. It is time to forget those fancy tricks for the time being and get involved.

No one starts out as a professional. I encourage you to take a chance and go for it. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t like it and never do it again, no big deal. At least you tried. Right?

By: Lauren St. Onge

Water: The Fuel of Barefooting

Thursday, April 4th, 2013


H2O, our sport wouldn’t be possible without it! Not only do we need it to run the boats, but our bodies! Water is an extremely important nutrient for life, and especially for athletes. Two thirds of the body is made of water, making it the most important nutrient. Four days without any water and you would be dead. On average the body needs 1.5 quarts of water a day minimum. Take into consideration how hot it is or if you exercise, you will need more water because you will sweat.

Are you aware that muscles are 75% water? Research suggests that a loss of 3% of this water decreases strength by 10% and speed by 8%. Ever wonder why you have an “off” day skiing? Simply drinking water could be the simple fix!

Hydrate in advance 1-4 hours prior to a barefoot ski set or a tournament run. If you are out in the boat for a long period of time, skiing, teaching, or riding along keep drinking water and lots of it. Next time you get into a boat to ski make sure you have packed an adequate amount of water.
Many people complain they do not like water. If this is the case add a slice or lemon/lime, ginger, mint, or a splash of an herbal tea. Coffee, soda pop and alcoholic beverages do not count as water intake. It is proven that these fluids have the opposite effect and cause dehydration.

Skier Checklist:

 Wetsuit/equipment
 Sunglasses
 Sun Screen
 Hat
 Towel
 Snack
 WATER!!!!!

By: Lauren St. Onge