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The Barefooting Sisters

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Anyone who knows my sister Kailey and I knows that we are always together and basically inseparable.  The two of us have become commonly known as “The Koehler Girls”, and are often consider to be more of one item than two separate people.  On some occasions people will even mistake us for being twins.  For the record though, I may being the shorter one by quite a few inches, but I am in fact the older one by 18 months.

Kailey and I are not only sisters, but best friends, teammates, and competitors.  Being a part of the barefooting sport together means a lot to us.  We practice together, go to tournaments together, and cheer each other on.  Often people will ask if this direct competition with one another causes a sisterly rivalry.  However, this is is not the case.  We are just as supportive to one another no matter what the results of a tournament may be.  Kailey has always been one to follow in my footsteps, but at this point in our skiing careers, it is possible for either one of us to come out on top.  With a competitive nature in me and a passion for the sport, of course I strive to do my best.  If anyone is going to beat me though, I am happy and proud to see it be my own sister.  She has always been there for me, so when it is her turn to be successful I always want to be there for her.  There is no one I would rather have beat me than Kailey.

From day one, Kailey and I have been closer than anyone could imagine and I do not plan on allowing that to change anytime soon.  Having someone there for you no matter what is one of the best feelings in the world.  We push each other, give each other advise or tips, and are always each others number one fans.  The sport of barefooting is a huge part of both of our lives and it is something that has brought us even closer as we face every challenge and success together.

“As two sisters we will always be, two nuts off the family tree.”

By: Ariana Koehler