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Lizzie Rhea: Barefooting Needs More Girls

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014


I would like to encourage all girls who like water sports to try barefooting. Barefooting is an extreme sport that is sort of rare and not many girls do it. A few reasons for the lack of girls in the sport might be because the boat goes very fast, it requires a lot of upper body and core strength, and it can really sting when you fall.

I learned to barefoot on the boom when I was 5 ½ years old. The only reason I did it was because my brother, who was 7, was learning at the time. I have always pushed myself to do whatever my brother does, except for football! I guess having a big brother has made me tough, but I think that any girl who likes water sports can learn to barefoot for fun.


I love it when Coach / Mr. Swampy puts me in an all-girl boat at the World Barefoot Center. It is so much fun to be around other girls who love the sport. I have really enjoyed meeting and skiing with Ariana and Kailey Koehler, and also my hero in the sport, Ashleigh Stebbeings . She is my favorite instructor ever!


At our home lake, I have always loved to barefoot with my friend Haley. Haley made a video of us barefooting when we were little (8 years old), and sent it to a website. I have only one other friend, Emmie, who likes to barefoot. I am desperately trying to get my cousin Caroline to learn. I want her to learn so much that I bought her that barefoot suit in the picture! I think the speed and the hard falls have discouraged her, but I told her about the new Seahorse invention. I really think that she will be able to do it this summer because she can already wakeboard and slalom. I can’t wait to barefoot with her!

My advice for all girls, especially Caroline, is to try barefooting. You will probably end up loving it! Also, don’t worry about the speed. The speed is actually fun, especially when you feel the water gliding beneath your feet! One last thing, if you fall, get up and try it again! Be strong, you can do it! Girls can do anything that boys can do, especially barefooting!

Lizzie Rhea