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Joey Tombers: My First Time Barefooting

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

​I have been skiing ever since I was about three years old. I could ski on one ski and slalom around by the time I was eight. The only thing keeping me from barefooting was the lack of knowledge; I didn’t even know that you could barefoot, and how to actually do it that was a big mystery to me.

​This all changed when I was twelve years old sitting on the dock and saw a neighbor sitting on a kneeboard saying “okay.” That is when the boat took off and before I knew it he was standing on his bare feet skiing. Wow! That’s awesome! I thought.

​Five minutes later I had my kneeboard begging my dad to pull me. He gave in. Next thing you know, I was up and footin’ and then I was down. I tried it a few times every time I could get out–skiing to the point where I could do a full circle around the lake. Barefooting around the lake– that’s all I knew was even possible.

I wish I had known barefooting was a competitve thing and all the possibilities in the sport at an even younger age.

Joey Tombers


If Only Joe Learned to Barefoot at the WBC

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

This video brought back memories of my own barefooting starts with a kneeboard back when I was a teen.   If only this guy Joe had signed up for lessons at the World Barefoot Center– he wouldn’t have had such a faceplanting introduction to barefoot water skiing:

Written by: Karen Putz