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Georgia Groen: My Barefoot Paradise

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

My barefoot paradise is the lake I live on, Lake Inspiration. Lake Inspiration is located in Otaki, which is about an hour out of New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. The lake is a privately owned lake shared between 7 owners. At the moment there are only 3 permanent residents living on the lake ( one of them being my cousins) so it means you can go skiing when ever you want without having to worry about other boats on the water sending rollers down your course. Lake inspiration is not a very big lake, it is about 750m long and 35m wide with a depth of 2m. It is a purposely built barefoot lake, made for straight runs and yet you can complete a 15 second run with no problem. The lake is surrounded by hills and trees so it is generally wind free, apart from the occasional southerly. The most common wind in Otaki, New Zealand is a westerly so the lake was built specifically angled so that type of wind would not affect it.

I have been living at Lake Inspiration for 5 years now and I love it. The lake sits about 20m away from my house so it is really easy for me to go skiing which is perfect. Lake inspiration is a beautiful place to ski, there are nice sanded beaches that prevent rollers and green grassy banks surrounding the lake which is great for spectators. Lake Inspiration has held a lot of tournaments over the past 6 years such as Wellington regionals, New Zealand nationals and even the world championships in 2009. It is a great place to ski and I am very grateful to live there.

It still looks nice in winter :)

Georgia Groen

Georgia Groen on the Water