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Sensitivity of the Feet

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Questions asked by Jacob McCool for his school project on sensitivity of the feet.

1.) Is it like a manicure, cleanin with high pressure water?
KSO – I say it as a joke but it’s true…the water really does clean our feet and we get a 45mph foot massage!

2.) It hurts to walk on rocks, as you said, do you walk around barefoot at home?
KSO – I do walk barefoot around the house only on carpet. I have a hard time walking on tile as the hard surface hurts my knees and back. I most always wear my sandals on tile floors. It’s weird but one of my heals has developed a bone spur from jumping improperly year ago. Also, the pads on my heals are thin so I don’t have much cushion there anymore.

Keith St.Onge butt sliding during the night and YES, the Feet are Clean!

3.) Or usually shoes because your feet are too sensitive?
KSO – I try to stick to my sandals most days.

4.) Are your feet more ticklish sensitive than a normal persons?
KSO – As far as being ticklish I’d say they are about the same as most people’s but one thing I can say is my feet get cold very easy in cooler weather. I think I’ve developed a small case of carpal tunnel on the bottom of my feet, which doesn’t allow the blood to flow as good as it used to.

All and all my feet are not so different then everyone else’s except they’re cleaner than most ; )

Keith St.Onge (KSO)