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Filippo Ribaldone: European and African Nationals

Monday, November 25th, 2013

This year we had the European and African championship in South Africa. It was a good trip and we had a lot of fun but i have to say that i prefer to have competition in August instead of late October.  Training for it was kind of hard because we had a lot of bad weather and cold in the north of Italy. Skiing in cold water is never good, for the cold and also cos personally i feel the water so different under my feet.
The competition was fun as always.  In Europe, we are a good group of friends and getting back together is always fun.  This year was even better because the final night was also my birthday.  everybody knows that i like to party and final night and birthday was not a good mix…was a great mix ahahaha.  I’d like to thank all my friends, the “barefoot bro’s”,  for what happened that night, even if don’t remember everything.  Stefan,  Evert, Lukas, George, Christian, Ted, and everyone else, we had a blast.

The competition was okay– I wanted a medal but it didn’t happen.  it means that for me to do better than 4th in slalom and 5th in jump I have to train more, a lot more.  But now I’m so ready and already pumped up for next year: E&A’s 2014 can’t wait….and next year will be Wallsee, Austria.  I love to ski in that place.

Italian Barefoot Nationals 2013

Friday, November 15th, 2013

During the second week end of July 2013 in the beautiful lake of the waterski KLI in Ravenna, Italy there was the Italian Barefoot Water Ski Nationals.
For me was a great competition as I won my first Open Overall title and my second Jump title in a row. The jump competition was really tough, thanks to my friend Giulio Stagi.  After the first round, we had the same distance: 20.4. We had to move in the second round to decide everything–finally 21.3 for Giulio and 21.4 for me. Yeah!

But the best thing was the eight Juniors, 9 to 16 year old, entering the competition, all of them having at the end a result on board in slalom and trick. I was really happy for them, more than my result cos i think kids are the future of pure sport and having little skier comping up the rankings will also help the sport and the older (i hate to say older to me) skier to keep on going and keep skiing their best.
Well done little guys!

Stefan Wimmer: Barefoot Training in Italy

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

At the beginning of September, Filippo texted me that his federation wants to organize a training competition in Recetto, Italy from 12. to 15. September.

For me it was great to ski a small training competition before the European Championship in October.

My decision was clear because in that time of the season the weather conditions in Austria start to get naff.  So I planned a short trip to Italy that I can train with Filippo for 3 days. My girlfriend Karin and Madeleine, a good friend of mine, came with me to support me at my competition.

On the way to Italy:

We arrived in Recetto on Friday morning and put the ramp into the water.

It took us about 2 hours to fix everything and than we started with our training.

We did two sets of slalom and tricks and in the afternoon we did a jump set.

On Saturday we planned to do a small traininig competiton of 2 rounds (slalom, tricks and jump).  The weather was good all the time but when we started to jump the conditions got bad. So we decided to jump 2 rounds on Sunday.

On Sunday morning we started at about 8:30 in the morning with another round of slalom and tricks and after that we jumped.

It was a really nice training weekend for me in Recetto and it was nice to meet a lot of waterskiers from Italy.

I will come back for sure next year  to ski a competition in Recetto.

By: Stefan Wimmer