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Chandler Cargile: My First World Barefoot Tournament

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

With the 2012 World Championships being my first Worlds and my first big tournament, I cannot even begin to explain how nervous I was. At first, I was confused on where to go and when to go. (ask Johnathan Martines, he knows) Once it was my turn to ski, my heart dropped like a rock and I couldn’t breathe! I can’t even tell you how nervous I was. Luckily, I made it to the second round in tricks, slalom and jump. I didn’t make it to the finals in tricks an slalom, but I did make it in the jump event. For some reason, I wasn’t as nervous at the jump finals. I can’t remember the order we all jumped in, but I think I was third to last. I think it was Foot’s wife (can’t really remember) that told me to start swimming out to the boat.

As I jumped in the water an started swimming, my heart started racing. We got down to the other end and I gave the boat crew my call. Once the boat started accelerating, all the nerves started to go away. As the boat got closer to the jump, I started to cut out and set up. As I hit the jump, I went up and freaked out a little bit. I landed it an rode it away! I couldn’t be sure, but to me it felt like an “okay” jump. Then, as I was swimming back to the boat, I heard Rob Groen announce that it was a 20.9 meter jump. I was extremely happy and my confidence level went up.

My next two jumps were pretty much crappy, but after I jumped, Ben Franks jumped a 20.9 meter jump as well! Ben and I tied for second place and Evert Aartson got first!

From the time I started jumping to the time it was over, it had been the most exciting and stressful 30 minutes I’ve ever had! Overall, I had the best time skiing and hanging out with my friends from all over the world!

Chandler Cargile