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Stefan Wimmer: Becoming a Barefoot Instructor

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

What you guys should know is that I study sport in Austria with the goal to be a Sport Instructor for all different sports.

So,when I was at the World Barefoot Center for the first time,  the team showed me how to instruct people and I got to know how to work with every individual skier. It was really interesting for me to learn which methods they use physically or mentally to train people and also to motivate them.

So after the first 3 weeks at the WBC, my goals changed. Now I want to be a great skier, but I also want to be a great instructor like the WBC Crew is.

This year I started to work as an instructor for barefoot water ski and I also helped out at the World Barefoot Center for one month in my summer holidays. It was a really cool experience to work with different skiers from all over the world. I worked with beginners and also with sponsored athletes.

It was interesting to see how the skiers learned and progressed and that makes me proud.  It is a good feeling to see that other people can learn from you step by step.

The biggest rule for me:

As an instructor is your goal and your function to put the skier on the right way that he can progress.

For me instructing is one of the greatest jobs, because everyone is individual and you can’t teach everyone the same way. It is a challenge to find the right way that the individal skier can understand you easily.

Keep on Footing!!

By: Stefan Wimmer