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Barefoot Water Ski TOE-UPS in the Gym

Friday, April 12th, 2013

RC Gerstad

One of the highest scoring starts in barefooting is the toehold deep-water start. I recently just started learning these and often times I found myself exhausted after only a few. I start to wonder if there was a way that I could dry land the start because that my core was sore after attempting toe ups. One day when I was at the gym I looked around at all the different machines and finally found a machine that would work perfectly to help me with my toe ups.

First you need a machine such as either of the machines above. Next, figure out the appropriate height for the adjusting pulley, typically I Place mine 3 feet off the ground. After, you have an appropriate height, determine how much weight to add to the line (it may take a little experimentation but keep in mind that the more weight you add the easier the exercise will be). Then, sit down on the ground put your foot that normally goes in the toe strap into the handle (Similar to the one in the below picture.)

After your foot is in the handle, slide back on the ground about 1.5 to 2 feet depending on tall you are. From here, you imitate the toe up start. (The picture sequence below)

As you make more and more of the stand ups, start to decrease the weight that is pulling.  A little heads up: every time I have done this at the gym some one has offered to help me up, so it may be wise to do this exercise with a partner as to avoid those kind of encounters.

RC Gerstad

Off season, off the water training… Get in better ski shape!!!

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

If you are serious about barefoot water skiing or any other sport that is relatively seasonal then you will need to think about what you are going to be doing in the ‘off season’. Unless you live in Florida or some tropical climate then it will be hard to train on the water when the lakes are frozen or it is bitterly cold and raining all the time……… I.E. England 😉
You don’t need to be a member of a gym and have to drive miles to get some basic work out in. Barefoot water skiing is a lot of core work and balance so working this out will make a big difference when you come to start skiing again.
Some basic things you can buy for your home are a chin up bar, swiss ball (big blow up ball), bosu ball circular top with half a blow up ball underneath and some basic weights. Using these simple things you can get a decent work out at home and can stow all of this stuff in a corner somewhere out of the way so that the wife doesn’t moan at you.
Here are a few simple exercises that you can try at home…

Stand upright on the Bosu ball holding some weights by your side. Try to keep your feet as flat as possible and your back as straight as you can and slowly squat down.

Position at the top of a squat

Bottom of the squat

Drop the weights and stand on one leg, lift the leg in the air in front of you (like a toe hold) and then keeping your core tight and foot flat slowly move in to a back toe hold position. Keep doing this until your standing leg is fatigued (you will start shaking).

One leg balance

Continuing the one leg balance exercise

Another balance exercise is to, again standing on one leg, reach your leg in the air off to the side and arms up in the air. Once stable, reach the leg across and behind your body and brings your arms in the opposite direction. It is important to keep your stomach muscles tight and engaged to get the full benefits from this exercise.



The last couple of exercises on the bosu ball are using some dum bells. Engage your core, have a slight bend in your knees and complete slow bicep curls, shoulder press’s, side and front arm lifts to work your shoulders.

Biceps on the bosu

Shoulder press on Bosu

Shoulder press on Bosu

Setting up for front arm lifts

Front arm lift

Setting up for side lifts on bosu ball