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Corey Jones: A Pull Turns into a Tear

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Last year while training to ski the Barefoot Nationals I suffered a slight groin pull.  I continued to ski the rest of the season by nursing it with ice and rest in between training. Throughout the winter I went about my normal activity assuming it would be fine by the time my training  season usually begins.

The spring and summer was uncharacteristically busy for me at work and home so my time on the water was not happening as much as I would have liked. Finally, life began to settle down and I started training more and more.  What I didn’t realize is that I wasn’t  healed properly.  During the week of July 4 th I was skiing a set and encountered agonizing pain in my groin.  I still believed I could nurse it and go on.  For two weeks I gave it a rest and thought I would be fine again.  I skied the week before regionals and made a fair showing there even though I think it should be renamed the”artic regionals”.  Then I pulled it again and thought I could rest it for a few days and go back at it in time for this year’s Nationals.

My plane ticket was bought, lodging was secured, and I was as excited as a kid on Christmas! So with Nationals only four days away, I felt the need to see if my injury would allow me to stay in the game.    I took a couple of forward passes and it went ok.  The next step was a backwards run.  I made it up about ten feet and went down in excruciating pain.  Because I did not allow myself to heal properly, my year came to an abrupt end without a trip to California.  What had began as a pull had now turned into a torn groin.

Through this experience I have learned that as we get older the need to stretch before and after skiing every time is crucial.  I will battle back from this injury with diligence, determination, and stretching.  As our summer officially ends this weekend, I’m already looking forward to a new ski season.

By: Corey Jones