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Johnathan Martines: Setting Barefooting Goals

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Sometimes when I have been training all day every day for a while, the training regimen starts to become a bit of a grind. As a result of feeling tired, people tend to lack motivation to ski and improve. One thing that keeps me motivated throughout the ski season is writing down my goals. I have three different categories of goals: short term goals, season goals, and long term/career goals.

Short term goals are goals that I gear specifically toward my training over the upcoming weeks. Some short term goals can be to make changes to a specific trick, ski out all of your trick runs that week, or to accomplish something you have never done. These short term goals usually have to do with training and how I prepare myself for competitions.

Season goals are goals I write down before every season that I want to achieve in a tournament. These goals are the personal best scores I am trying to attain that season in tournaments. I personally believe these goals are the most motivating and rewarding because they are very easy to track.

Long term/career goals are things you would like to accomplish before the end of your career as a skier. Examples of long term goals may be to make a national team in the future, win a specific tournament, or become top three in the world. These goals tend to be the underlying reason behind why you will put so much work in over such a long period of time.

I believe it is important to set goals that may seem slightly unattainable. Even if you don’t accomplish the goals, you will have accomplished a lot more than you have previously done.

By: Johnathan Martines