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Michigan Clinic w/ the YoungBlood’s

Monday, July 30th, 2012

I’ve known Jim Youngblood from my younger years when I wasn’t so disciplined. He reminded me I once ordered a Mountain Dew with Vodka one night out to eat when I thought I was invincible. I have grown up quite a bit since then and I was so excited when Jim asked me to do a clinic, for several reasons. One, I knew he had a great site. Two, his daughter Alex visited the ski school this spring and at the ripe age of ten was passionate about the sport and learning extremely fast! Three, it would be great to reconnect with Jim after many years. I wanted to help them out as much as I possibly could. Working with young, motivated and talented kids gets my heart pumping for the sport! Not that I don’t like working with mature skiers but the young are the future of our sport ; ).

Alex Youngblood hammering away her Front Toe's

Jen and her father came over from the Chicago area and it was great to work with them as well. Jen is learning quickly and get this, she would rather go backwards than forwards. She’s a smart cookie because barefooting backwards is easier than barefoot skiing forwards. Mostly due to skiing on the larger part of your foot backwards and being able to use your toes with the ability to lean away slightly. Make sure to start learning the backwards start literally days after learning how to barefoot ski forward.

Jenny figuring out her front one foot!

I had to push Jen to work on front one foots but check out the sweet picture of her riding a super clean one footer!
70 years young making it look easy on the glass conditions we had for three days straight!

Ben came over from Illinois and for 70 Years young skied up a storm! Great time!

Nice sequence of Katie learning her front barefooting Start.

Katie in the Start position

Katie Learning the butt ride


Katie was skiing for three days with us and her progression was perfect!  Katie is also ranked #2 in the Nation as a Jr. Female GS snow skier.

Katie & Alex staying warm in the early morning

Girls having fun in the perfect weather we had!

Katie’s dad, Mike, showing the girls he can learn new tricks too! Forth attempt looking clean!

Mike White doing a sweet toe hold on the WBC Shoe Ski. Forth try and he's rock'n it!

I’m taking a picture of Katie’s dad taking a picture of his daughter getting up on her feet for the first time ever behind the boat! Congrats on that one young lady!

Katie's first time up Long Line! Yahooooo!

I would like to thank Jim and his family for welcoming me into their house.  The clinic was a success and I hope I can see everyone reach their goals that participated in the clinic.  I put my heart and soul (Sole) into everyone I teach and it’s great to see people achieve things they thought they could not do or at least achieve things more easily with my help.

KSO, Alex & Jim YoungBlood

The World Barefoot Center takes pride in our instruction on the road doing clinics or at our facility in Winter Haven, FL, which is only fifteen minutes from LegoLand.

By: Keith St.Onge