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1st Stop of the Anytime Fitness National Barefoot Tour = Success!

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

The first clinic stop of the Anytime Fitness National Barefoot Tour in Maryville Tennesee.

Maryville, TN Anytime Fitness National Barefoot Tour 2011

Keith St. Onge 2x World Champion and 11x National Champion travels the country teaching hundreds to barefoot waterski.  What better than the Smoky Mountians for a back drop?! It was a cool temperature clinic but we are not complaining because the wind was minimal and the lakes were like butter!

Channel 8 News came out for an interview! Here is a picture of the new crew filming Keith, Nate with the camera is amazed!

New Crew Filming Keith St. Onge

Wade Masters the clinic organizer did a wonderful job everything went smooth and was enjoyable.  Take a look at what Wade worked on during the barefoot clinic.

Back Toe Hold Wade Masters

Front Toe Hold Wade Masters

First Back One Foot EVER Wade Masters!

Thank you to Rusty and Kelly for allowing us to park the Anytime Fitness Tour Bus at your house, you were great hosts.  Kelly didn’t get a chance to foot this trip but before we know it she will move on from the barefoot swing and show us her stuff. Check out Rusty’s tricks on the water!

"Look No Hands!" Rusty Gaston

Back Barefooting Rusty Gatson

It's Lucky if a Butterfly lands on you, even more so if on your NOSE!

Tina McKeehan is amazing!  Tina learned to barefoot last summer and is improving quickly.  Like many women Tina is the only female skier in the area, but those men better watchout because she is on the road to pass them up!

Backwards Barefooting Tina McKeehan

Great Listener Tina McKeehan

Working on Tumble Turns Tina McKeehan

Mark Johnson AKA Claw Foot/Bear Claw has success with his back deep! Yippie! Determination is the best word to discribe Mark Johnson.  When he wants something he goes for and nothing is going to stop him, not even a raw swollen chin;) As many of you know learning a backdeep can be a process to figure out, once it is understood it is as easy as pie.  We predict that Mark will be gliding along with ease this summer! Keep it up!

Mark Johnson relaxing in the boat

Back Deep by Mark Johnson

Back Deep By Mark Johnson

Keith Willocks or you may know him better by Willy was skiing up a storm in Tennessee!  Keith is a solid barefooter but always striving for more.  Its early in the season and Keith has already started working on turns.  If the he works hard and does some dry land practice he will be spinning like a top!

Willy Willocks

Front to Back Keith Willocks

Footer Keith Willocks

We had a wonderful time in Maryville, TN thank ya’ll  for particpating!

Barefoot Wet Suit Worn by the “BEST”

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

KSO Wetsuits is the newest barefoot wetsuits worn by World Champions, Keith St Onge and Dave Small.   They both understand the importance of top-quality wetsuits that provide padding  for flotation and protection.  Their youngest to oldest students– from beginners to professionals– at the World Barefoot Center depend on a quality suit, and KSO Wetsuits delivers quality and protection on the water.  

The new 2011 “KSO Wet Suit” proves to fit like a glove, with it’s new, tapered waist line and wrap around padding over the shoulders and around the ribs.  There are many graphic and color options to choose from, with a unique style for everyone!

Visit the World Barefoot Center online pro shop or to learn more and buy yours today.

How to Barefoot Water Ski using a Wakeboard

Monday, March 28th, 2011

If your reading this right now, it must mean you are interested in learning how to barefoot or have had trouble learning.  There’s even a chance you are struggling to teach someone else to stand on his or her own two feet.  Getting those first few stand-ups and having the sensation of putting those soles on the water is a hard one for many.  Here’s an easy, simple, and effective way to learn how to barefoot water ski for the first time, without flushing the sinuses with lake water.

1. First, you want to get your balance while floating in the water as you straddle the wakeboard. The key is to relax and let your feet just float on each side. Next, have the boat slowly idle forward and as you start to move, place both feet on the nose of the board.

2. Now as the boat picks up some speed the board will begin to plane off. Make sure to keep your feet on the nose of the board for stability at this stage and let the board flatten out.  If the board starts to bounce ask the boat driver to slow down.

3. As the board stabilizes you want to slowly bring your feet down evenly in front of you to meet the water, allowing them to glide along on top of the surface.

4. At this point the driver will start to increase the speed again, and as this happens you want to smoothly shift weight onto your feet, keeping them flat and on top of the water. If you start to get spray in your face at this point, remember – relax! Resist all urges to tense up and/or let go of the boom, flatten your feet out, and just let them wash back underneath you.

5. As the boat speed increases more you can put more weight onto your feet. You should begin to feel the wakeboard slide out behind you. Be sure to support your own weight now – stand on top of those feet and keep those arms nice and straight out in front of you.

6. Now that you’re standing, push your hips forward and have both your chin and back perpendicular to the water. By now you should have the perfect stance, with a nice straight back, straight arms, and knees bent at a 90-degree angles with those feet directly under your knees.

Once you feel like you’ve had enough, or you run out of water, simply bend those knees even more, let go, and lean back, allowing your self to simply sink down into the water, ready to get back up and do it again!

You can also use a kneeboard for this technique, but a wakeboard is much easier to balance on, and sits a tad easier between your legs for smaller skiers. This is a great way to learn how to stand up for those first times until you can do it without the board.  Never attempt the Superman start, which is when you let your feet drag behind you as the boat takes off.  This will result in many hard falls and wear your arms out completely!  If you do not have a board the learn a deep water start with your feet on the front cables of the boom and lift those hips up.  Otherwise you can visit us at the World Barefoot Center located in Winter Haven, FL.

By: Keith St Onge

(863) 877-0039