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Jim Forster: My Passions

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Have you ever wondered what drives you? Is it work, sport, or maybe even both? Well I can tell you with 100% certainty that I absolutely love my job and also skiing. For those of you that don’t know me, my chosen profession is that of a Corporate Pilot, employed by a company called NetJets Aviation, Inc. flying Gulfstream G450 and G550 business jets all over the planet. When I’m not flying to places like Beijing, Sydney, New Delhi, London, Dubai, Buenos Aires and Bangkok, you can find me out barefooting behind my 2004 Sanger 20 DXII in the canals of South Florida. When I’m flying at altitude, I’m always looking down at lakes, rivers and canals to find my next barefooting adventure. I’ve seen Short Line Lake in Sacramento, CA. from 45000 feet, flown over The Barefoot Ski Ranch in Waco, TX, and even over a skiing complex just north of Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport and imagined what it would be like to get my feet wet there. It’s all part of what drives me, flying and barefoot skiing.

I think back to my humble beginning as a Private Pilot and also my first time barefooting, in both cases, I had an instant passion for both! I knew that I couldn’t wait for more….and so the long road began to gain experience and pilot ratings which led to me where I am today in flying and also the time on the water which I needed to perfect my barefooting skills. I am very fortunate to be where I am today, getting paid to do what I love the most and also staying healthy so that I can barefoot. My goal is to barefoot in every state in the U.S and every country that I visit. So far, because of my job, I have been able to barefoot in 17 states ( including Hawaii ) but only 2 countries, Germany and Greece. But with many good years left in front of me, I hope that add to that list. I’m always striving to meet new skiers and hopefully one day ski somewhere that I’ve never been before.

So the next time you’re skiing in your favorite spot and you see a business jet fly over, look up, because it could be me looking down and smiling at you!

Jim Forster



South Carolina Clinic with David Small

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

I have been going to Mr Meekes place for the last few years and this year was certainly no disappointment. We had glorious weather and glass water for the full 5 days and a lot of amazing skiing came from it. Ron is still working out in the gym like a mad man and is now competing in Iron Man competitions so he is in the best shape of his life which made him skiing 5 days straight a breeze. His slalom came on a lot, especially backwards as did his front and back toe holds along with a nice toe up and perfecting his turns. He had a little stretch in his hammy mid way through the week which slowed him down a little bit but he battled on and pushed through it so way to go with that Ron!!

Boat crew one day

Saun Sheeley is also a trooper. He ended up cutting his foot open so the decision was made to make a redneck solution for the problem….. lol. Shaun did great with everything backwards once he figured out how to ski with his knees bent and together….. we could drive a truck between his legs sometimes even when his feet were together 😉 His turns were looking very stable as well by the end of the week.

Shawn Sheely with his foot protector in place

As always we ate like kings with everyone getting treated to Rons cooking skills for lunch however this year we didn’t get to sample Rons Famous Cheesecake…. Fingers crossed next year we can see one again.

Wade Masters sporting a new hair doo

Wade Masters payed us a visit and skied up a storm for the day he was there where we worked a lot on his surface turns.
We had a new chick come to the clinic (Ashley) which was nice to see and although she was only there briefly she listened very well, learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Hopefully Ashley will come back next year and have a couple of days booked so we can really push on with her skiing.

Jim Miller peeing in his suit again ;)

Jim Miller also had some ski time with us and is progressing well. Great to see you Jim!

On the way back to the lake after getting picked up we drove past a Drop Zone so Ron was kind enough to stop and I managed to get a jump in :)

SC skydive. Kitted up and ready to go

About a week after I left Rons place I received an email from Ron saying that he liked Charlie so much he had gone out and bought himself a little black toy poodle…… I cannot wait to see the little guy!!

Rons new little toy poodle

I had a great week there again and I will look forward to seeing everyone again next year!!!

Written by ; David Small …. AKA Small’z