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Sam Meredith: Barefooting, Fitness, and Diet

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

I think a key aspect to barefoot waterskiing is to be light and agile with a good power to weight ratio. In the off season many skiers tend to gain weight and lose their ski fitness. It it is easy to stop exercising all together and therefore consume more calories than you burn which ultimately leads to a positive energy balance and will cause weight gain. Maintaining the same body weight is as simple as balancing the amount of calories consumed to the amount you expend. This means that if you eat a lot of foods that are high in empty calories (simple sugars) or saturated fats you will need to expend more energy through exercise to prevent yourself storing all you extra food energy as fat. Without changing your diet too drastically you can address your energy balance through exercise and avoid starting your season with those extra pounds to carry on the water.

On top of your strength training, I would recommend that you use cardiovascular training to help maintain fitness and burn the calories you would usually burn when skiing. Three common types of cardiovascular training you might use are continuous, interval and fartlek. Continues training is keeping your body at a steady heart rate for a long period of time without going into anaerobic exercise and producing lactic acid. Interval training is high intensity exercise for a short periods of time where your body may in fact go into anerobic exercise (which would be impossible to sustain) before you rest and then go again repeatedly. I believe this kind of training is more beneficial and more like the type of cardiovascular training you would experience when barefoot waterskiing. Fartlek training involves you changing the speed and intensity in which you work at. In terms of running this may constitute to a steady run to a short sprint, then reverting back to a steady run. Another example of this type of training might be a steady jog down a hill then sprinting to the top without rest breaks as you are playing with the intensity at which you work.

Sam Meredith

Visiting Anytime Fitness Corporate Office

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Visiting Anytime Fitness Corporate Office

Anytime Fitness Tour Bus!

On our way through Minnesota we stopped by Anytime Fitness Corporate and met up with Mark Daly and our sponsor and club owner Natalie Betts. When arrived to Hastings, MN and we were greeted with smiles of amazement. Everyone was so curious why there was a thirty five by ten foot Anytime Fitness moving billboard parked in the visitor parking area. “We did not know we had an Anytime Fitness bus” many employers said.  Mike and Natalie  Betts helped us create a nationwide promotion of Anytime Fitness brand awareness wrapped in a tour bus.  The tour is linked with 2x World Champion Keith St. Onge’s Barefoot Tour, which also promotes my barefoot ski school in Winter Haven, FL  The World Barefoot Center.  Traveling the country spreading the word about health, eating right, and getting active has been a blast!  Follow the tour via  at Anytime Fitness National Barefoot Tour.

Keith St. Onge

The corporate offices of Anytime Fitness have the most phenomenal atmosphere!  Everyone was  upbeat, relaxed, an all around good vibe for happiness and health.  With bright colored walls and workout equipment made the offices feel like a true gym.  A special hallway is filled with news paper articles focusing on amazing Anytime Fitness gym goers with success stories.  The most memorable success story is when Jay Leno makes a big mistake on his show!  This success story is the major one that will hit home. Click here for story. It’s important to remember that no matter how much or how little you succeed at least you are doing something!  We applaud Susan Bock, keep it going girl!

We had to hit the road once again.  Anytime through us some personal swag and other gifts to hand out on the road.  We said our thank you’s and goodbyes and hit the pavement!

By Keith St. Onge and Lauren Lindeman

Anytime Fitness Captain Running Man

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011
Captain Running Man hits his barefeet in Angola, IN.  This is the first time we have ever seen Captain Running Man Barefoot Waterski, look at those muscles!!

Getting ready to Barefoot Water-ski

There he is…. Captian Running Man!
Captian Running Man
Barefooter Waterskiing Running Man!
Captian Running Man-Keith St. Onge