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Evert Aartsen, Jr.: My First Tournament

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

The first tournament I ever skied in was the 2004 Finnish Nationals in my home town Kokkola, Finland. Of course, you never forget your first tournament. Even though the tournament wasn’t a big one, that is still where it all started for me.

We were about 20 skiers which is pretty much for Finland, but the level of the skiers wasn’t too high. I still remember my scores of that tournament. I tricked 600 points and slalomed 2.5. I did two runs forward on two feet but fell on my second run, even though I fell it was one of the best moments of my life. There were a lot of people watching and when I got my head out of the water after my fall all I heard was the crowd cheering for the youngest skier in the tournament. so that was a nice moment.

Another thing that made this tournament special was because it was also my father first year skiing officially for Team Finland and his first Finnish nationals. So that was something I had been waiting for for many years, to compete against my own father.

The same night the tournament was over we had the price giving at a nice restaurant in town, where every skier that skied the tournament got a prize; the prize I received was a Dakine backpack which I still have!

My dad won the overall title and I was dead last in that tournament. But it was my first competition and I knew that I still have a lot ahead of me.