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Show Skiers Go Barefoot

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Day 2 with the WaterHawks Water Ski Show Team, at Eagle Lake.

It was a windy morning but that didn’t stop us!  The cool breeze was a nice change from yesterdays high heat.  These footers are signed up for the entire day, that means each person skied two sets in the morning and two sets in the afternoon.  Lets checkout what they learned.

First up Tyler Schuman from Minnesota.  Tyler worked on his front one foot one hand trick and then moved on to backwards deep starts.  In the past couple years Tyler has played with backdeeps but couldn’t figure out what was going wrong.  Today KSO figured it out and had Tyler try it out on the WBC trainers.

One Foot One Hand!Barefoot Backwards!

Just last night we heard a story from Ryan Corkery about why he joined the WaterHawks Ski Show Team.  Ryan had come to a show 2 years ago and saw Keith St. Onge Barefoot in the show and from that day Ryan knew he had to learn to barefoot waterski.  A week after Keith left town Ryan became a member of the ski team. Inspiring! Now Ryan is doing his deepwater start, tumble turns and one foots a lot more easily, its amazing was a few tips can lead do.  Ryan worked on back deepwater starts too.

Ohhh Yeah! One Foot

Planting for a Backdeep

Chloe Lawson is tough!  After taking a year off from skiing due to a broken leg she is back at it once again, we applaude her for that!  Chloe has a natural great forward gliding position.  In the afternoon Chole worked on her back deep water starts.

Clean Frontwards Barefooting Posture

Chloe Back Deep Water

All around fantastic show skier Jordan Kintzle came out for the day.  Jordan learned a front deepwater start, working on getting a cleaner front one foot and is starting to glide perfectly on his feet backwards!

Nice Posture and Glide

Body Slide!

The WaterHawks show director Melanie Kintzle learned about the three point stance and standing up over her feet.  Once Melanie go the hang of it she was deeping up much smoother than before.  Those beach starts in the show will be much easier:)  Like many people Melanie was a little nervous to try a back deep, we assured her that you can breathe while dragging backwards.  After some encouragement Melanie was gliding backwards with ease.

Deep Water Start

Nice Barefoot Form!

Thank you all for skiing with us! We had a wonderful boat crew and it was very enjoyable! Remember we sell ALL your barefoot gear from wetsuits, to booms. We hope to see you in Florida at the World Barefoot Center.

By Keith St. Onge and Lauren Lindeman

Barefoot Wine “Foot Fan of the Month”

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Check out  Barefoot Wine’s “Foot Fan of the Month” for June–it’s the Fab Five ladies:  Judy Myers, Val Shinn, Joann O’Connor, Claudia Landon and Karen Putz.   The five ladies met up at the Women’s Barefoot Week at the World Barefoot Center in October, 2010.

Judy Myers

Known as the “Old Lady,” Judy started barefooting at the age of 53.  She’s been featured in More Magazine, on the Today Show and Suzanne Somers show.  She did a Subway “Fit to Boom” segment.   At her very first tournament, all she could do was stand up.  Last summer, she competed in the Worlds.  Today, this 68-year-old gal tells the younger gals to “suck it up” when they dare complain about their aching muscles after a run.  But at the end of Women’s week, we discovered her secret drug stash: a huge bottle of Motrin.

Judy Myers Inspires Deaf Mom

Val Shinn

Dubbed “The Show Girl,” Val presents grace on the water every time she barefoots.   Don’t let Val fool you– at first glance, it doesn’t seem like this delicate lady even belongs on the water, much less in a tough sport like barefooting.  Watch her on the water, and your jaw will drop, the lady can glide!  At the age of 60, Val still climbs pyramids in weekly water ski shows.  Every Thursday, she hosts a radio show on astrological topics.

Valerie Shinn–Show Girl on the Water

Joann O’Connor

Joann is one tough gal– she skis on a fused ankle, the result of a motorcycle accident many years ago.  The 62-year-old picked up barefooting again ten years ago.  Three years ago, she figured out how to make adjustments with her ankle and learned to barefoot backwards.  Some days, her back gives out and she has to crawl back into the boat, but a few minutes later, she’s back out on the water doing toe holds.

Barefooting with a Senior Citizen

Claudia Landon

Claudia is “pure poetry on water.”  When she does her back deep starts, she rises out of the water with the grace of a ballet dancer.   Claudia started barefooting at the age of 37 and ten years later, she entered her first barefooting tournament.  Just recently, she qualified for the Worlds in tricks.  Claudia has endured several ear drum blowouts.  She once donned ear plugs, a headband, a swim cap and a helmet to protect a burst eardrum, and then took a fall where the helmet collided with her arm–breaking the bone.  “I don’t think my arm is supposed to look like this,” she told her husband when the boat came to pick her up.  I think the rest of us would have been screaming in pain.

Claudia Landon, Pure Poetry on Water

Karen Putz

Karen tripped on a wake as a teen and went from hard of hearing to deaf in an instant.  In March of 2010, Karen met Judy and Keith, and put her feet back on the water again.    She taught the entire WBC boat crew to sign “awesome,” so now they praise her from 75 feet away.

Karen Putz on Growing Bolder

Featured Footer: Ashleigh Stebbeings

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

When Ashleigh Stebbeings arrived at the World Barefoot Center in January, 2011, she was feeling a bit burned out with barefoot water skiing after ten long years of competition.  The eighteen-year-old first began barefooting when she was eight, and just a year later, she was skiing in the Nationals, representing the Australian Junior Team.

“The first time I put my feet on the water, it was a weird feeling,” Ashley recalled.  “I immediately fell in love with that.”  Within a month, Ashleigh was skiing behind the boat and quickly learned one-foot, tumble turns and handle-in-teeth tricks.    At nine years of age, she was the youngest skier to qualify for the minute badge—skiing backwards.  In 2003, Ashleigh was selected for the Junior team and skied in her first Worlds.  She has skied every World Barefoot Competition since then.   “My greatest achievement took place in 2009—I won slalom, trick and jump—in both the Junior and Open division.  I set a new World record in jump as well,” said Ashleigh.

At the Worlds in Germany, David Small and Swampy Bouchard, approached Ashleigh and invited her to train at the World Barefoot Center.   Ashleigh wasn’t sure what she wanted to do—or if she even had the heart to continue with barefooting.  Back home in Australia, Ashleigh had to drive 40 minutes to her training site, and she found it tiring to continually rearrange her schedule to fit in time on the water.   “I decided to come to the World Barefoot Center to see if I could find the passion again for barefooting,” said Ashleigh.  “I knew that if I couldn’t find it here, then I couldn’t find it anywhere.”


Laura Szwed Trains at the World Barefoot Center

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Laura Szwed is a senior at Castleton State College, studying psychology, but when she’s not deep into her studies, she’s out barefoot water skiing.  She was recently featured in her college newspaper:

Laura Szwed, Walking on Water

A few weeks ago, Laura spent a week at the World Barefoot Center getting ready for the summer’s competitive circuit.  Here’s what she shared about her experience at the World Barefoot Center:

“I had such a great time skiing at the World Barefoot Center this past April!  It was exactly what I needed for a Spring Break– no school work– just my wetsuit!  I learned so much in the week that I was there.  KSO and Small’z were able to get me back into barefoot shape in no time, and they were able to get me doing things that I never thought I would be able to do in a  short amount of time.  They have my best interest at heart and want me to excel in this sport.  They have faith in me and that really helps to motivate me to try and learn tricks that I never thought was possible.”

Lauren Lindeman Featured on Chicago Now

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Karen Putz, a writer for the Chicago Tribune Chicago Now, interviewed Lauren Lindeman and featured her on the Chicago Now blog:

Lauren Lindeman, Show Skier and Barefoot Water Skier

Life is Blissful at the World Barefoot Center

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Keith St. Onge and Lauren Lindeman are big fans of Coconut Bliss, the amazing organic ice cream that is soy and dairy free. They managed to hook Karen Putz on the stuff too. Over on Twitter, @LunaandLarrys caught wind of the Bliss addiction that was forming and they sent some goodies over to the World Barefoot Center:

When KSO isn’t on the water, you can find him in the frozen food section at Whole Foods, picking up pints of Dark Chocolate, Mint Galactica, and his newest addiction: Chocolate Walnut Brownie. 

Lauren is smart– she knows how to work off those calories– she just takes a pint out on the water with her when she goes barefooting:

2011 KSO Wetsuits in Action

Friday, March 18th, 2011

The WBC Gang had some fun playing on the water with the new KSO Wetsuits.  Order yours today via

Small’z and KSO taking it easy:

Left to right:   Ashleigh Stebbings, Keith St. Onge, Ben LaFrance, Ben Groen:

Women’s Barefoot Week 2011

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Women’s Barefoot Week at the World Barefoot Center will take place on October 29th to Nov, 6th 2011.   Space is limited, so be sure to sign up for your spot by calling the World Barefoot Center at 863-877-0039 and ask for the Women’s Barefoot Week Coordinator, Judy Myers.  The week is open to women ages 20 to 100– and all ability levels.  There is a fifteen percent discount on ski rates (no weekend rates charged) and all pro shop purchases.   Skiers can stay at the ski school house, the rental house down the road (complete with a hot tub!) or at local hotels.

“Women’s Barefoot Week is a special week set aside just for the gals,” said Judy.  “Women are the minority in this sport, so it’s nice to have a week to kick back and ski with other women and enjoy some fun on the water together.”

This year, Women’s Barefoot Week will feature a “Ski in Your Costume” challenge on Halloween. 

Keith St. Onge, David Small and Swampy dove into the spirit of Women’s Barefoot week in 2010 by donning pink shirts and skirts for the day.  “We got in touch with our feminine side that week,” joked Keith.  It will be interesting to see what Judy cooks up for the guys at the 2011 Women’s Barefoot Week.  Rumor has it that it just might be dresses this time– and the guys will have to barefoot in ’em!

Women’s Barefoot Week 2010 is featured in the March 2011 issue of Waterski magazine and Tales from the Foot:  A Look Back at  the WBC Women’s Week.   Karen Putz did a write up on the Chicago Tribune Chicago Now blog: Women’s Week at the World Barefoot Center.

Special thanks to the sponsors of Women’s Barefoot Week at the World Barefoot Center:

Coconut Bliss Ice Cream


Vibram Five Finger Barefoot Sport Shoes