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Lexi McCauley – Family ski on Father’s Day

Monday, June 8th, 2015

On Father’s Day, my dad wanted the four of us, my brother, my sister, my dad, and I, to ski long line together. “That’s easy enough!” I thought. We couldn’t do it on Father’s Day because it was raining and very windy. So, we did it the following weekend. My dad got the ropes and handles ready to go in we were so excited! At that time we only had a fly high, so two people would go on there, one on the boom, and one on the pylon. The first few times, the rope kept getting tangled. Once we got them, we all couldn’t get outside the wake. The next time we tried, my dad rolled over my brother. So, we figured let’s have dad stand on the inside. When we were already to go, a fishing boat flu beside us and had to wait for the rollers. Once the lake was flat again, we all yelled okay and next thing we knew we were all standing and smiling for picture. My feet were burning, my dad’s were sinking, and my brother and sisters were fine. Even though the gift came late, it was still the best day spent with my dad and family.




The World Barefoot Center: One Big Family

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

The WBC family

The World Barefoot Center is an amazing place. It may be known for barefoot waterski coaching, but off the water is a whole other learning experience. At the WBC, life long lessons are being taught, many friendships are being built, and skills across the whole board are being learned.

On occasion, Swampy will have everyone give speeches. These range from motivational speeches all the way to speeches about losing. No matter the topic, for me personally, this has instilled into me communication skills that are hard to obtain. This really opened me up as a person and made me feel comfortable speaking to and in front of people. Even if you are already an expert on people, there is always something to learn, and something that will be learned at the WBC.

The WBC is looked at as a second family to me, something comparable to most sports teams. There is an unexplainable bond between us athletes. Inside jokes and memories are constantly being made, both on and off the water. You never feel alone at the WBC. There is always some sort of support and friendship to lean on.

The sport of barefooting exposes athletes to a great environment, whether it is tournaments, practice, or even just hanging out together. Life-long lessons are being learned every day. They are being learned from everyone, as well as being taught from everyone. Communications, goals, lifestyles, are just few of many skills being traded in the sport of barefoot waterskiing.
I truly do feel part of one big family at the World Barefoot Center, and also at any barefooting event.

Joey Tombers

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