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Barefoot Water Skiing: The Birth of an Addiction

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

I would like to share with you the question that people ask me a lot of time during the year: “Why do you barefoot water ski?”

People been asking me: what the hell went to your mind the first time you tried to barefoot, what went through your mind the first time you tried a turn (that was not long ago), what was in your mind the first time you did an invert jump at the long line?

I always had an answer about it, especially in the jump situation “the only thing that i was thinking the first time was survive, saving my life and I was hoping to see my mum again” but you know what…I guess all barefooters have been in that situation, and after the first second, you just think about doing it again–and you immediately start thinking about how to do it better…

The fear goes away and then comes the addiction. How difficult is to explain that to people who never tried it before?

Filippo Ribaldone, Italy