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Filippo Ribaldone: European and African Nationals

Monday, November 25th, 2013

This year we had the European and African championship in South Africa. It was a good trip and we had a lot of fun but i have to say that i prefer to have competition in August instead of late October.  Training for it was kind of hard because we had a lot of bad weather and cold in the north of Italy. Skiing in cold water is never good, for the cold and also cos personally i feel the water so different under my feet.
The competition was fun as always.  In Europe, we are a good group of friends and getting back together is always fun.  This year was even better because the final night was also my birthday.  everybody knows that i like to party and final night and birthday was not a good mix…was a great mix ahahaha.  I’d like to thank all my friends, the “barefoot bro’s”,  for what happened that night, even if don’t remember everything.  Stefan,  Evert, Lukas, George, Christian, Ted, and everyone else, we had a blast.

The competition was okay– I wanted a medal but it didn’t happen.  it means that for me to do better than 4th in slalom and 5th in jump I have to train more, a lot more.  But now I’m so ready and already pumped up for next year: E&A’s 2014 can’t wait….and next year will be Wallsee, Austria.  I love to ski in that place.