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Johnathan Martines: 2014 Eastern Regionals

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

​For the third consecutive year, the Eastern Regional Barefoot Waterski Championships were held at Prompton Dam State Park just outside of Carbondale, Pennsylvania. Thirty skiers made the trek to the northeastern corner of the state to participate in the annual event. As always, the site had wonderful conditions, and the tournament was home to some great skiing.

​On Friday morning, a number of skiers and officials arrived at the site to set up the jump course and cameras for the event. The jump course was set up in about two hours by Cody and Greg Ebbert, Geoff Hust, Pete Sylvester, and myself. While we were getting the ramp and buoys into position, the officials were setting up and adjusting the jump cameras.

​At noon, the jump event began. Cody Ebbert and I were the first two skiers on the water. We jumped two rounds back to back. Even though I landed the majority of my jumps, I wasn’t very happy with my jumps because they were small, and I know I am capable of jumping much farther than I did.

​After jumping, the Open Pro skiers skied their slalom rounds. My first round of slalom, I skied a great forwards pass. Motivated to get a PB, I decided to really be aggressive on my second pass. Unfortunately, I fell on my second pass and didn’t ski a personal best. The next round, however, I skied out two solid runs and scored a PB of 14.8. That night, everyone helped take the jump course out of the water, and we had a chicken barbecue at the site.

​The next morning, we were greeted with more great water and more skiers. The first skiers on the water were the juniors. It was great to see young Lexi McCauley, who spent a month training at the WBC, smash both her tricks and slalom PB’s. She even set a pending Girls 2 national record of 1780!

​After the juniors skied, I skied my first round of tricks, and it was an absolute disaster. I skied very out of control on my first round and was determined to fix it. So, while taking a break in between rounds, I thought it would be a good idea to do some dryland practice. While doing surface turns in the grass, I turned over a fish hook, forming a slice in the ball of my left foot. Frantically, I asked around for superglue, but there was none to be found. Instead, I quickly applied new skin to the cut and ran to the starting dock. Surprisingly, my tricks passes went extremely well resulting in a PB of 8100 points! After working hard at the WBC for 6 weeks before the tournament, it was amazing to see my work pay off.

​The final event of the day was the slow man competition. For those who may not be familiar with this competition. let me explain. The competition is a bracket format. Skier go head to head as the boat slows down from 30 MPH. The first person to fall loses. The winner of this year’s slow man competition was not a man at all. Lorraine Piskura easily won the competition by skiing at 17 MPH!

​After the slow man competition, everyone helped clean up and went back to where they were staying to clean up for the banquet. That night, the skiers and officials enjoyed food and drinks as awards were presented, closing the tournament. I would like to thank everyone who helped out with and sponsored the tournament. Without you all, the tournament wouldn’t have been possible.

Johnathan Martines