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Evert Aartsen, Jr.: Under 23 and Dutch Cup Barefooting in Brielle, Holland

Thursday, November 21st, 2013
My last competition before the E&A championships in South Africa was the Under 23 and the Dutch Cup in Brielle, Holland on the 16th – 18th of August.
I flew in to Amsterdam the 15th and  Filippo Ribaldone was waiting for me at the airport.  He arrived earlier that day. So we took the train to Den Haag together where Rob Molenkamp picked us up and drove us to his place where we stayed for the night. Next morning we went to the ski site. We brought our bags to a youth hostel next to the lake where Stefan Wimmer was staying and where we were going to stay the next two days.
When we got everything set up for the competition and all the skiers had arrived from Germany we started to ski. We started with the Under 23 competition and all skied both slalom and tricks after each other. And in the afternoon we had a round of jump. In slalom I scored 13.5 and in tricks I got a PB which I am super happy with! it was 5700 points. Jump was not to good. my Jumps were around the 20 meters.
And when we started the Dutch Cup we skied one round of slalom first, then had a short break and then tricks, and after tricks we had a pretty long break so we could eat something and take it easy, so later in the afternoon we had the jumping!
My trick and jump score were not to good in the Dutch Cup but I did score a PB in slalom with a score of 15. But I had a lot of fun in Brielle when I got to meet all my friends again. and after the competition me and Filippo went back to Amsterdam and stayed at the airport for the night. We did not really like to sleep in the airport but our flight was early in the morning so we had to!
Evert Aartsen Jr.